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The City of Muskegon’s resurgence is the result of meeting citizen and business needs. To do that, the citizens successfully passed a City income tax for improved police and fire services.

If you live within City Limits, you are required to pay an income tax. For details on the amount of that tax, please review our income tax main page.

If you have a question about your income tax and can’t find the answer elsewhere on this site, please use the contact form below.

Thank you,

Sarah Petersen, Income Tax Administrator.

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  1. Sue says:

    How do I determine what is considered city limits for the Muskegon city tax?

    I have a client who says they are not within the actual city limits of Muskegon and therefore we should not be withholding city tax on our employees working out there.

    Is there a map or zip code references I can use?

    Thank you.

  2. Diane says:

    Would like to recieve a copy of the Magnetic Media filing requirements for W2 information. We are updating our files for year end.


  3. Ken says:

    Hello Diane,

    Here’s the instructions for electronic filing of Magnetic Media: We accept the Federal MMREF format, just make sure you include local wages, local wage code preferably MKG and withholdings.

    Have a great day!


    • PaulT says:

      Linda –

      The City accepts electronic files in the standard MMRF submitted to the federal government. Contact Income Tax Administrator Ken Grant for details (231) 724-6770.


  4. Mark says:

    I need to figure out how to obtain a renaissance zone application as it is due friday (1/15/10) and I have misplaced my copy.


    • Mike says:

      You can pick up a Renaissance Zone application in the Planning Department, located in City Hall on the 2nd floor (first office on the left).

      We are open from 8:30 to 5:00.

  5. Susan Abraham, Michigan Assoc of REALTORS says:

    We are a business and need to send in 1099 MISC copies for an independant contractor that lives in Muskegon, where do we send them

    • Ken Grant says:

      Hello Susan,

      1099 MISC for the City of Muskegon should be mailed to:

      City of Muskegon
      Income Tax Department
      PO BOX 29
      Muskegon MI 49443

  6. Alice Myers says:

    I was just wondering – I’m trying to file my tax return using TurboTax and the software won’t let me proceed without entering a “taxable value of homestead.” Where would I find that information? How should I know, for tax purposes, what my house is worth?

  7. Jeffrey Wilks says:

    Like Alice, I need info on “taxable value of homestead.” Where would I find that information? Who can I contact for further info?

  8. Kristin says:

    We just moved into the City in September. How and where is that calculated on the tax forms so we are only taxed for residence 1/3 of the year? Thanks!

  9. Jason says:

    Is it possible by next year to have the 1040 in a fill-able pdf format like the 1040EZ is currently?

  10. Jan says:

    I’m in the same boat as Alice and Jeffrey. Where can I find, or who can I call for the taxable value of my homestead? My mortgage company was no help.

  11. Jan says:

    What data is available through the Property Tax Search? Would that have the taxable value of my homestead?

  12. Nancy says:

    I am trying to find a record of my Income Tax paid in 2009. Is there a way to look it up online or do I need to contact your office?

    • Mike says:

      You cannot file an extension to pay city income taxes. You can file an extension to submit the tax return but the taxes were due by April 30th. However, if you cannot pay your tax liability in full, you can get on a payment plan. I suggest that you mail in your return and request to get on a payment plan. Please, call (231) 724-6770 if you need additional help.

  13. T. A says:

    I am a sales rep and have always been told that I do not have to pay city taxes because my territory is all of west michigan and my office is in my home. Is this true? Because my Ren Zone application just got denied stating I owe back taxes…..

  14. Dianna says:

    I live in Wyoming and work in Muskegon, husband works in Grand Rapids so we pay taxes to both. Which city do I take a credit for taxes paid to other city – or do I take it from both?

  15. VALERIE KEUR says:

    I LIKE the address listings!!! I find them to be very helpful.
    I can see the self calculating forms are very helpful also.

    When I look for the FORM M-1040-X, amending your tax return ( for any year ), there aren’t any to be found.
    The instruction booklet talks about the FORM M-1040-X, and what they are used for, but no one can down load one.
    I will just write across the top of the original 1040 FORM “AMENDED” and send an EXPLANATIONS OF CHANGES attachment.
    Seems to me that this FORM needs to be added to the site also.
    Otherwise, this site is GREAT!!!!

    • Mike says:

      The EZ form is only for incomes 5 numbers or less, please use the standard form to file if your income is above that.

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