Muskegon FilmDear Film and/or Music Production Company,

On behalf of the Muskegon City Commission, City of Muskegon staff and the Citizens of Muskegon, I would like to welcome you to our City for your filming and production needs. The City of Muskegon has nearly every location you may need for filming, including Lake Michigan, Muskegon Lake, beaches, sand dunes, an urban downtown, bike/pedestrian trails, residential neighborhoods, industrial buildings, schools, parks and much, much more.

As City staff, we are here to work with you on your production needs. The following “Film & Music Events Policy” is intended to assist in that process.

In developing the Policy, our aim was to keep it as broad as possible, since we know your needs can change quickly from day to day (and sometimes minute to minute!). Therefore, we have outlined procedures, such as “community notification”, that are flexible, depending on your requirements and the interests of the City.

In order to ensure a smooth process for both you and the City, I encourage you to first meet with our staff to determine your needs and the possible costs, permit and notification needs. It may be that these needs are minimal to non-existent, or they may be more complicated, depending on the individual film and/or production.

We look forward to working with you in the City of Muskegon.

Film and Music Events Permit Application

Film and Music Events Policy

For more information please call (231) 724-6702

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