Dial 911 for Crimes in Progress, Immediate Problems or Emergencies

For Crimes that are not in progress, anonymous reporting may be made by several means:

  • The entire County of Muskegon is served by a Silent Observer Tip Line which can be reached at 72-CRIME(722-7463).
  • Call or text to: 231-846-8477 (231-846-TIPS)
  • The City of Muskegon has Anonymous Crime Reporting Cards which can be obtained at the Police Department, Neighborhood Associations, and at numerous locations throughout the City of Muskegon. These cards are pre-addressed to a special post office box set up for this purpose, or they may be given directly to an officer, or be dropped off at the City Hall drop box. We recommend that residents obtain these cards from their neighborhood associations and keep one or more at home.
  • You may also report suspicious activity or give crime tip information (not crimes that are not in progress) by using the form below. Your tip will be for forwarded to the division responsible for investigating the type of activity you are reporting. Note that you cannot make an official police report via e-mail. If you are reporting a crime in progress you need to contact 911. If you need to make a report of an actual crime that has occurred to you or your property you need contact 911 or the main records desk at 231-724-6750. Again, the e-mail is only for crime tips and reporting suspicious activity not for making official police reports.

You may use the Contact Form below to Provide your Tip*:
*If you would like to remain anonymous, leave your name and email blank ans fill in only the message field. It may take up to 48 hours for you to receive a response to questions or tips!


If you are the victim of a crime that occurred within the City of Muskegon and need to make a police report you may do so in person or by calling the main desk at (231) 724-6750.