The Citizen’s Police Review Board (CPRB) was established through City Commission action in November of 1998 and the CPRB became operational in 1999. The CPRB was established to provide civilian review of the investigations of alleged police misconduct undertaken by the City of Muskegon. It is to encourage people who believe they have been mistreated by police officers to use the Internal Affairs system to have the officer’s conduct reviewed. It is intended to create a process that fairly evaluates the conduct of everyone involved to determine whether or not a breach of departmental rules and regulations has occurred.

As set forth by City Commission action, the board is made up of the following membership:

  • Three members representing minority based organizations
  • Three members representing Neighborhood Associations of Muskegon
  • One law enforcement professional from another jurisdiction
  • Two citizens at large

This nine person board is appointed by the Muskegon City Commission.

Muskegon Citizen’s Police Review Board Process:

Any complaint against an officer is first handled through the department’s internal affairs investigation procedure. The complainant completes a complaint form at the Police Department, City Clerk’s Office or may submit it by mail. If the complaint is registered by mail it must still be accompanied by the signed complaint form. Additional pages may be attached if needed.

After the internal affairs investigation the complainant will receive a complaint disposition form by registered mail. If the complainant is not satisfied with the disposition after the internal affairs investigation they may complete and sign the bottom of the disposition form requesting a review by the Citizen’s Police Review Board and return the form within 10 days. The item will then be placed on the agenda for the next available Citizen’s Police Review Board meeting. The complainant is then notified of the meeting date and the review board members are given copies of police reports and internal affairs investigation transcripts of the case involved. The board may also view video tapes from the event in question if available. The CPRB normally meets on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in room 103 of Muskegon City Hall, 933 Terrace Street, Muskegon, MI. If this date conflicts with a national holiday the board will then set an alternate date.

After hearing a case, the Citizen’s Police Review Board will then make a recommendation to the City Manager for further action if necessary.

For questions about the Citizen’s Police Review Board, feel free to contact the Police-Community Coordinator, Ryan Cummins at the Muskegon Police Department, (231) 724-6750

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