Public Notice – Conflict of Interest 4-20-21

April 20, 2021

West Michigan’s Shoreline City
Honorable Mayor Stephen J. Gawron
City of Muskegon
933 Terrace Street
Muskegon, Ml 49440

Honorable Mayor,

I am writing to disclose a conflict of interest with regard to projects and partnerships between the City of Muskegon and Community Encompass. As an employee of Community Encompass, I benefit from funds that are made available by the city to CenC and its programs.

The city benefits from its partnership with CenC by gaining residents who pay property and income taxes and purchase city utilities. CenC’s work to improve affordable housing options also benefits the city by activating neighborhoods and attracting residents who spend money in the city’s commercial districts.

Michael Ramsey

Muskegon City Commissioner, Ward 3