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Muskegon and Webster Avenues Street Reconstruction and Utility Improvements Bid

The City of Muskegon, Michigan will receive sealed bids until 2:00 p.m. local time on January 27, 2015 at the City Clerk’s Office, City Hall 933 Terrace Street, Muskegon, Michigan, at which time and place all bids will be publicly opened and read aloud for the following Project:

Project Title:    Street Reconstruction and Utility Improvements – Muskegon and Webster Avenues

 Approximately 5,500’ – Muskegon Avenue – street reconstruction and utility improvements including concrete sidewalk, curb & gutter, HMA pavement, grading, storm sewer, and water main.

Approximately 5,500’ – Webster Avenue – street reconstruction and utility improvements including concrete sidewalk and curb & gutter, HMA pavement, grading, storm sewer, and water main.

(Engineers Estimate $5,132,000)

Drawings and specifications are available online on or after January 2, 2015 at the Grand Rapids office of Prein&Newhof. Electronic drawings, specifications and bidding documents will be accessible/available only to those Bidders who are active members of the Prein&Newhof Plan Room. Bidder assumes sole risk for any project specifications and plans, electronic or hard copy, obtained other than directly from Prein&Newhof. Hard copy drawings and specifications are available for the fee of $96.00 dollars. Prein&Newhof Plan Room members who want to purchase the hard copy of the drawings only, may do so for $46.00 dollars. A $10 dollar charge will be added to all mailed drawings and/or specifications. Fees are payable by cash or check only and are not refunded.

An amount equal to five percent (5%) of the Bid must be submitted with each Bid.  Contract documents may be examined at the following locations:

Prein&Newhof, 3355 Evergreen Drive NE, Grand Rapids

Prein&Newhof, 4910 Stariha Drive, Muskegon, MI

City Engineer’s Office, Muskegon City Hall

Attention is called to the fact that the City recommends that the contractor consider hiring local work force insofar as possible.  The contractor must ensure employees and applicants for employment are not discriminated against based upon their race, creed, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or veteran status; and all pertinent regulations must be complied with. No bid may be withdrawn within sixty (60) days after bid opening.

The City of Muskegon reserves the right to reject any or all bids or to waive any informalities or irregularities in the bidding.


A Pre-Bid Conference will be held in the City Commission Chamber at City Hall beginning at 10:00 a.m. on January 15, 2015 at which time and place any questions regarding these projects should be presented.  Questions may also be submitted in writing to Prein&Newhof at 4910 Stariha Drive, Muskegon, MI 49445, or facsimile 616-364-6955, no later than 5 pm January 22, 2015.


PUBLISH:  January 4, 2015                                      Ann Marie Cummings, City Clerk


The City will provide necessary appropriate auxiliary aids services, for example, signers for the hearing impaired, audiotapes for the visually impaired, etc., for disabled persons who want to attend the meeting, upon twenty-four hours notice to the City.  Contact:

Ann Marie Cummings, City Clerk

933 Terrace Street, Muskegon, MI  49440

(231) 724-6705 or TDD (231) 724-6773


Request For Proposal (RFP) Muskegon County Target Market Analysis

Request for ProposalsPUBLIC NOTICE



The City of Muskegon, in partnership with the City of Muskegon Heights, the City of Norton Shores and the County of Muskegon, is inviting qualified companies to submit a proposal for professional services to conduct a housing needs assessment for their jurisdictions using a Target Market Analysis (TMA) methodology.

The purpose of this notice is to inform the qualified companies to contact the City of Muskegon Community and Neighborhood Services Department for written details of the RFP and a Scope of Work for the TMA.

Contact may be made beginning December 22, 2014 through January 9, 2015 to:

Oneata Bailey, Director

Community and Neighborhood Services

City of Muskegon

(231) 724-6717 or

Publish: December 21, 2014


Updated Citizens Guide to City Finances Available

2014 citizens guide

Click to View the Guide

The Michigan City, Village, and Township Revenue Sharing Program (CVTRS) sets specific requirements that local governments must meet to qualify to receive state revenue sharing funds. One of the key requirements of CVTRS is that cities make readily available to the public by December 1st “a citizen’s guide and a performance dashboard of their local finances, including a recognition of their unfunded liabilities.”

This Citizen’s Guide is published in accordance with the requirements of CVTRS. We have used the state-recommended reporting template in preparing the Guide. Because of the required time frame for submission, it is not possible to include audited financial data for the most recent fiscal year completed June 30, 2014.

Cities are to produce and make readily available to the public: 1) a Citizen’s Guide, 2) a projected budget report of revenues and expenditures including the current fiscal year and a projection for the immediately following year (including assumptions used) and, 3) a detailed listing of debt service requirements.

These CVTRS required reports are included in this Citizen’s Guide.

Also in accordance with CVTRS, the City has published on its website a performance measurement dashboard that monitors performance trends in four key areas: Fiscal Stability, Economy, Quality of Life, and Public Safety. The City’s performance dashboard can be accessed here.

We hope that the Citizen’s Guide to Local Finances together with the City’s performance dashboard enhances the City’s transparency and public accountability.

If you have any questions or comments, you can leave them in the comment section below or email

Audited Financial Report for 6/30/14 Fiscal Year Now Available

The City of Muskegon Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2014 is now available online.

The CAFR summarizes the city’s financial activity for the year and includes the unmodified opinion of the City’s independent auditor – Brickley DeLong.

Highlights from the FY14 CAFR include:

  • The assets of the City of Muskegon exceeded its liabilities by $128,908,638 as of June 30, 2014. Of the City’s total net position, $21,188,945 (16.4%) was unrestricted and may be used to meet the City’s ongoing obligations to citizens and creditors.
  • The City’s governmental funds reported combined ending fund balance of $12,987,232, a decrease of $668,826 (4.9%) from the prior year.
  • The City’s General Fund reported a total fund balance of $7,496,097, an increase of $142,539 from the prior year balance of $7,353,558. The favorable increase is the result of slightly higher than anticipated income taxes, licenses and permit fees revenues and tight budget controls.
  • For the year ended June 30, 2014, General Fund revenues were $502,874 higher than the final amended budget estimate. This variance is primarily due to higher than expected local income tax and licenses and permits revenues.
  • General Fund expenditures were $562,197 lower than projected in the final amended budget. Most city departments spent less than expected due to a combination of 1) tight budget controls, 2) conservative budget projections and, 3) cost savings realized from budget cuts made in the prior year.

You can view the FY14 CAFR by clicking here. You can view CAFR reports from prior years here.

Lawn Care Tips for Clean Water

Lawn Care Tips for Clean Water

Banking Services RFP

October 2, 2014

To All Interested Parties:

The City of Muskegon will be conducting interviews for the purpose of selecting a primary depository bank for 2015-2021 and invites your bank to participate. The City uses a wide range of banking services and is committed to implementing new cost-effective bank technologies. It is the City’s desire to select a bank that will provide the best overall value on a long-term relationship basis rather than simply choosing the “low bidder”. Accordingly, in addition to pricing, other factors will be considered including (but not limited to): availability of value-added service enhancements, availability and commitment to implementing new technologies, and financial strength. The process for selecting the City’s depository bank will consist of two components: interviews and pricing proposals. The interview process is by far the more important component. It is fully expected that (subject to reasonable and competitive pricing) the bank coming out on top after the interview process will be the bank selected by the City.

Banking Services Request for Proposal (pdf)

Muskegon Press Release – September 3, 2014

city logo burgundy medium

Date: September 3, 2014

Contact: Ann Cummings 231-724-6721


Beautification Awards

 Congratulations to the recipients of our 2014 Beautification Awards! Nominations were made by residents and neighborhood associations. Landscaping was judged by an independent panel and was based on originality, lawn upkeep, overall beauty of the entire property, how it blends with the architecture of the house, and original work (no professional landscapers). Awards are issued by the Neighborhood Associations in partnership with the City of Muskegon. This year’s recipients are:

First Place –                 Larry and Barbara Taylor

2515 Cumberland

Second Place –            Mary Ann Seymour

1446 Beardsley


Third Place –                Margaret Wimbley

936 E. Hackley

Most Unique –            Tom and Joyce Voyt

1760 Edgewater

Honorable Mention –   Richard Swenson

1875 Walnut Street

Monica and Scott Graham

3065 Knollwood Court

Lisa and Leon Conklin

1212 W. Dale

The Broughton’s

1650 Edgewater

Marilyn Magnuson

1634 Ruddiman Avenue

Sheila Porter

1430 W. Laketon

Labor Day Walk/Run

 This year’s Labor Day Walk was a great Success! A 5K fun run was added just last year and this year over 100 people participated in the running portion along with an additional 100 walkers walking four plus miles! This event is put on by the City of Muskegon in partnership with One in 21. Finishing times for runners who recorded it will be available on the City’s website at by September 4, 2014.

Community Development Block Grants & HOME Has Added New Programs

 Oneata Bailey, Community Development Director, announced the addition of new programs!

Homebuyer Assistance to families purchasing a home in the City of Muskegon up to $5000 for closing costs if one purchases a home in the City of Muskegon and is income qualified.

Neighborhood Grants will be awarded to active neighborhoods that show a need for their area and have identified resources but need additional funds to make it happen.  The need should be considered beneficial to the neighborhood.

Target Neighborhood/Blight Fight is an initiative to target specific areas of the City of Muskegon to invest extra time, resources and effort to improve any blighting features that can bring a neighborhood down.