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Lakeshore Redevelopment Plan

View the new Muskegon Lakeshore Redevelopment Plan.

The fundamental purpose of this updated Downtown/Lakeshore Redevelopment Plan is to aid in advancing the redevelopment and improvement of the downtown and lakeshore areas and the Lakeside Business District.

View the Plan

Muskegon Retirement Site

Many people nearing retirement in expensive big cities are fearful they will not be able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. Inadequate pensions and savings combined with rising costs for necessities like health care, gas, and utilities are severely pinching retirement plans.

There is only so much that can be done to increase retirement income sources. And even if you do your best to save, a retirement nest egg that looks adequate today can quickly be decimated by market gyrations.

There is one sure-fire way to stretch limited resources and protect your retirement dreams: lower your cost of living in retirement by relocating from a high-cost area to a nearby, low-cost city like Muskegon, Michigan. Studies show that living costs in Muskegon are forty-two percent lower than Chicago. Just about every category of everyday living costs – housing, food, clothing, utilities – is more reasonably priced in Muskegon.

Relocating to Muskegon doesn’t mean your quality of life will suffer. Quite the opposite! Muskegon offers a wealth of cultural, entertainment and recreation resources. You’ll find the cleanest beaches in the Midwest and you’ll find that they are uncrowded and easily accessible.

Enjoy watching sailboats on Lake Michigan? In Muskegon, housing costs and the everyday basics won’t eat up your entire income so you’ll have the spending money to sail your own boat on the Big Lake, if you choose.

And, when you feel like visiting old friends or taking in the amenities that only a big city can offer, remember that Chicago and Milwaukee are just a few hours away by car, cross-lake ferry or Amtrak.

So, why live a financially stressed retirement when you don’t have to? Relieve your stress and consider the many benefits that retiring in Muskegon can bring. If you’d like more information, just visit Retire In Muskegon.

Deer Herds in Residential Areas

Deer sightings within the City of Muskegon are prevalent at this time. Staff has contacted the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the following suggestions were offered:

  • Residents may purchase commercial sprays specifically made to deter deer. These sprays may be purchased at most home and garden stores.
  • Residents may create their own “home remedy” spray. Residents may search the internet for different recipes.
  • Residents may block access to deer by fencing in their yard or garden area. A permit can be obtained through the Planning Department.

This situation is a challenge for anyone who lives in our state but even more so for those who live adjacent to open, natural areas. It is our hope that these suggestions will assist residents.