Imagine Muskegon Lake Public Participation

Muskegon Lake is at a critical juncture in its history of moving from an industrial shoreline to a mixed-use future. Residential, commercial, and recreational uses will drive this transformation. Imagine Muskegon Lake – based on the highly successful 2003 Imagine Muskegon Community Design Workshop – will gather and reflect significant community consensus for the future direction of the Lake and its shoreline.  The plan will also focus on finding better ways to connect the community to the water.

Workshop Boards

Imagine Muskegon Lake is both a process and a strategy document. First, we are working with community members like you to determine opportunities to sustain, advance, connect and convene along the shoreline. This is the process. These opportunities that we discover together will be categorized and assigned to responsible parties for implementation. This is the strategy.

New projects will be categorized into four themes: sustain, advance, connect, and convene. These themes have been continuously expressed in community planning processes dating to 1997.

Opportunities and Challenges[PDF]
We have added opportunities and noted some challenges…now it is your turn. This map contains various icons on stickers to help workshop attendees build and refine our analysis map. The icons are color coded to the four project themes.

Inspiration Station[PDF]
Look at the inspiration images and then mark on the map where they might fit along the shoreline.

Site Specific Inspiration[PDF]
Images to provide inspiration for specific sites along the waterfront. Let us know where a specific concept or image might be appropriate along the shoreline, or share your own!

Greenways and Blueways[PDF]
Possible greenway and blueway connections and extensions in Lakeside near Ruddiman Creek, and in Jackson Hill near Fishermans Landing and Richards Park.

Intersection Repair[PDF]
Modifications to six key intersections to increase connections to the shoreline and activity centers by providing enhanced pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure.

Activity Center – Terrace Point[PDF]
Conceptual development plan for the property at Terrace Point/Harbor 31. These drawings are strictly conceptual and do not necessarily reflect any real development plans for the property.

Activity Center – Western Waterfront[PDF]
Conceptual development plan for the property at the far west end of Western Avenue known as the Western Waterfront. These drawings are strictly conceptual and do not necessarily reflect any real development plans for the property.

Additional Base Maps[PDF]
Maps showing existing aerials of Pere Marquette Beach, the Mart Dock, and the B.C. Cobb property/Veterans Memorial Park.


Inventory Maps

The following maps, showing existing conditions, were presented as part of the initial concept plan. These maps show various data that could aid in the decision making process involved in the creation and future implementation of Imagine Muskegon Lake.

Building Footprints [PDF]

Crash Hot Spots [PDF]

Critical Dune Areas [PDF]

Muskegon Lake Nautical Chart [PDF]

Public Land Parks Marinas [PDF]

Publicly-Owned Lands [PDF]

Traffic Counts [PDF]

Transit [PDF]

Zoning [PDF]