Garbage Toter Placement

City LogoFebruary 26, 2014

Recently, letters were sent to residents in the area of Muskegon and Webster Avenues requiring immediate compliance of placing trash carts on the street. Due to the many difficulties residents are having complying with this mandate, we offer the following solution.

Compliance will be delayed to give residents a chance to make an area available to place their cart at the street. Full compliance will take effect beginning the week of March 10th. From now through March 7th, trash will be picked up both in the alley and from the street. If you need assistance clearing an area on the terrace for placement of your cart, please contact the Department of Public Works at 724-4100 by March 7, 2014. The Department of Public Works will assist by clearing a small area on the terrace for placement of the cart. This will be done by request only, so please call if you would like our assistance.

We apologize for the difficulty placed on residents by attempting to make this change immediately. Our intent was not to place any extra burden on our customers, but to provide a better service due to the difficulties and delays in trash collection that have occurred due to inclement weather and other factors. This will also prevent the heavy garbage trucks from doing further damage to our alleys.


City of Muskegon

Garbage-toter placement change letter