DPW Bid for Highway Maintenance Materials, Aggregates, and Concrete

The City of Muskegon Department of Public Works is soliciting bids for the products listed herein.  List of quantities and specifications may be obtained at the Office of City Clerk.  Sealed bid proposals must be submitted to the City of Muskegon City Clerk, 933 Terrace Street, Muskegon, Michigan, 49443, by 2:00 p.m. local time on Tuesday March 14, 2017.  Facsimile copy unacceptable.  Late responses will not be considered. Bidders are responsible for ensuring that the following identifying information appears on the outside of each envelope: SEALED PROPOSAL – BID NAME, your company/organization name, date due, and time due. If a delivery service is used which prohibits such markings on their envelope or package, this information must be placed on the outside of the interior envelope or package. The City of Muskegon reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to accept the bid it feels is in the best interest of the City.  Bid results will be posted on the City of Muskegon website www.shorelinecity.com.

Inquiries may be made of Public Works Superintendent Doug Sayles, or Highway Supervisors Vern Berndt or Kevin Santos, at telephone number (231) 724-4100.

Bid Name          Highway Maintenance Materials
Calcium Chloride
Bituminous Asphalt 3C-Base
Bituminous Asphalt 4C-Top
Cold Patching Materials – UPM-CP-7, or ASTM Specification C-136 #9, Statite CP-6, or similar product
AE90 Asphalt Emulsion
Crack sealant (block form)

Bid Name          Aggregates
H-1 Course Stone Sand
Road Slag, 22A-Natural
Road Gravel 22A, 23A
2NS Sand/Torpedo Sand or similar product
Screened Top Soil
Fill Sand

Bid Name          Concrete
As specified on bid form