Equal Opportunity Committee Minutes 10-25-2021

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                  October 25, 2021, 5:30 P.M., 2nd Floor Conference Rm.(203)

Attendance: T. Pell, V. Chambers, R. Buchanan, Commissioner Hood
Staff Liaison: D. Thompson
Guest: Paul Sikkenga
The committee met to receive a complaint regarding parking at the Arena. The
committee received the following requests from the complainant:
   •   Requesting a plan to address accessible parking
   •   The rear entrance off the parking lot in back of the arena needs
       accessible spaces and signage.
   •   Fix the accessible door at the rear entrance to the arena.
   •   He is requesting that the lot behind the arena become accessible
   •   A permanent sign be placed on Western Ave. stating were there is
       additional accessible parking in the parking lot across from the arena.
   •   The accessible parking be reflective of the numbers of people who are
       able to attend the arena.
   •   Other ideas were to shuttle from Mart Dock to the Arena
   •   The Arena Director needs to communicate with the busses in terms of
       routing them for drop off and pick up.

Meeting adjourned 6:45PM

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