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                                  Virtual Public Participation Policy

This policy sets forth instructions to give citizens the ability to participate at city meetings virtually.

For live meetings on television and/or social media, a telephone number will be assigned to give the
ability for the public to call in and provide three minutes of comment.

For all other meetings subject to the Open Meetings Act, a citizen must send a request to the City Clerk’s
Office at least two business days in advance of the meeting. The City Clerk will provide a zoom link to
each individual who requests it. Those participating by zoom will be muted until the public comment
period. Information detailing how a request can be made will be placed on the City’s website, meeting
notice, and social media.

A staff member of the City Clerk’s Office will be at all meetings requiring virtual participation unless staff
indicates they do not need assistance.

Adopted December 13, 2022

                                                                           Ann Marie Meisch, MMC
                                                                                 City Clerk

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