City Policies Flag Policy 9/13/22

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                                 City of Muskegon
                                    Flag Policy

   I.    Purpose
         To provide a policy to fly flags on City owned or occupied property or

   II.   City Commission Consideration and Decision
         The flying of the United States of America, State of Michigan, the County
         of Muskegon, the City of Muskegon flag, a Sister Cities of the City of
         Muskegon flag, and visiting dignitaries from the Embassy and/or
         Consulate that are formally acknowledged by the Mayor and/or City
         Commission are permissible and may be flown at City property as
         authorized by City staff.

         The flying of any other flag is not permissible. This includes flags from
         other countries, flags recognizing a cause, flags recognizing a festival,
         flags recognizing an ethnicity, etc.


This policy was adopted at a regular meeting of the City Commission, held on
September 13, 2022. The meeting was properly held and noticed pursuant to the
Open Meetings Act of the State of Michigan, Act 267 of the Public Acts of 1976.

                                             CITY OF MUSKEGON

                                             Ann Marie Meisch, MMC, City Clerk

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