Civil Service Minutes 04-17-2014

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                       Regular Meeting Minutes
                       Thursday, April 17, 2014
                    5:00 p.m. City Hall, Room 203

      The meeting was called to order by Commissioner David George Newsome at
      5:11 p.m.

     Also present was Commissioner David Wendtland, Commissioner Pamela
     Lynk and Deborah Groeneveld, Human Resources Director.

     Also present were City Manager Frank Peterson and Mary Mansfield.

    Motion was made by David George Newsome and seconded by David-
    Wendtland to approve the regular minutes of the November 14, 2013
                                     Motion Carried.

  A. Review of Civil Services Rules. Debbie showed the group what the rules used
     to look like, and stated that in the new rules, no changes have been made.
     She said that it is just set up to be more user friendly and easier to look at.
     Debbie stated that she would have City Manager Frank Peterson send the
     document out to the employees for their review and comments. John Shire
     told Debbie that any language changes can be completed at the Civil Service
     Commission meetings. Debbie added that the City Commission could amend
     the rules to make the changes, such as with the rule of three, and take it to a
     vote. David Wendtland stated that he likes the idea of putting the document
     out there for employees to review and comment on.

     Debbie also stated that she met with the City Managers, and she said that
     their main concern is the number of applicants. She added that the City
     Commission can amend that rule. David George stated that if it’s listed in the
     charter, this process would be okay, but Frank confirmed that it is in the
     charter, and would have to go to the vote of the people. David George stated
     that he has been saying for years that chapter 15 needs to be amended.
     Debbie stated that because of the way scoring is completed should be
     changed and limit the scoring. David George added that it is an oral
     interview and that if certain folks are wanted, individuals should be setting
           the panel and be there for those interviews. He also added that he wants the
           City to prosper and move forwarded, and that in order for this to happen,
           amendments need to be made.

           Frank stated that in order to put it on an upcoming election, there would be
           no extra expense. He also said that it would have to go in for the November
           election because there isn’t enough time to get it in for the August election.

           Motion was made by David Wendtland and seconded by David George
           Newsome to the rules and regulations, dated June 1, 1987, as
           submitted, be approved by the commission and be submitted to the
           employees of the City.

                                                                       Motion Carried.

           Motion was made by David George Newsome and seconded by Pamela
           Lynk to have the Civil Services Commission direct the Civil Services
           Personnel Director to begin the process of providing an amendment to
           Chapter 15 of the City Charter to eliminate the rule of one and the rule
           of three.
                                                Motion Carried.

           Debbie stated that the agreement between Muskegon County and the City of
           Muskegon expires on June 30th, and she asked Frank if he is comfortable
           doing it for another year. He said he wasn’t uncomfortable, and Debbie
           added that the price would remain the same.

           Motion was made by David George Newsome and seconded by David
           Wendtland that the Civil Service Commission asks the City Commission
           to enter into another agreement for an extension of a year for the
           contract between the County and the City for personnel services.

                                                                       Motion Carried.

     It was decided amongst the commissioners to move the meetings back to
     4:00 p.m. on the second Thursday of the month. The next meeting will take
     place in the Muskegon County Human Resources office at Terrace Plaza.


            The meeting adjourned at 5:48 p.m.

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