Civil Service Agenda 07-11-2013

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                                  Regular Meeting Agenda
                                       July 11, 2013
                               4:00 P.M., City Hall Room 203

        I.                CALL TO ORDER

        II.               MINUTES

                          Approval of the minutes from the regular meeting held on April 16, 2013, Civil
                          Service Commission meeting.

        III.              ACTION AGENDA

                          A. Secretary to the City Manager Job Description

                          B.          Deputy City Clerk Job Description

        IV.               OLD BUSINESS

        V.                OTHER BUSINESS

        VI.               ADJOURNMENT

                                               AMERICAN DISABILTY ACT POLICY FOR ACCESS TO OPEN
                                                MEETING OF THE CITY COMMISSION AND ANY OF ITS
                                                       COMMITTEES OR SUBCOMMITTEES

The City of Muskegon will provide necessary reasonable auxiliary aids and services, such as signers for the hearing
impaired and audio tapes of printed materials being considered at the meeting, to individuals with disabilities who
want to attend the meeting, upon twenty-four hour notice to the City of Muskegon. Individuals with disabilities
requiring auxiliary aids or services should contact the City of Muskegon by writing or calling the following:

                                                           Ann Marie Cummings, City Clerk
                                                                 933 Terrace Street
                                                               Muskegon, MI 49440

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