Historic District Minutes 02-04-2014

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                                  CITY OF MUSKEGON
                            HISTORIC DISTRICT COMMISSION
                                  REGULAR MEETING

                                         February 4, 2014

Chairperson J. Hilt called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m. and roll was taken.

MEMBERS PRESENT:               J. Hilt, S. Kroes, S. Radtke, D. Mayville, L. Wood

MEMBERS ABSENT:                S. Kroes; L. Spataro, excused; K. Panozzo, excused

STAFF PRESENT:                 M. Franzak, D. Renkenberger

OTHERS PRESENT:                 F. Peterson, 1593 Jefferson St; H. Mitchell, City of Muskegon


A motion to approve the regular meeting minutes of November 6, 2013 was made by S. Radtke,
supported by J. Hilt and unanimously approved.


Board members agreed to hear case 2014-02 first, since it was expected to be a short case.

Case 2014-02 – 1522 Clinton Street. Applicant: City of Muskegon. District: Clinton-Peck.
Current Function: Residential. The applicant is seeking approval to demolish the garage on the
property. The Housing Board of Appeals declared the garage as substandard, dangerous and a
public nuisance at their December 5, 2013 meeting.

H. Mitchell stated that the house was nearing foreclosure. S. Radtke asked if the concrete pad
under the garage would be removed. H. Mitchell stated that it would, as it was a City ordinance

A motion that the HDC approve the request to demolish the garage as long as all zoning
requirements are met and the necessary permits are obtained, was made by D. Mayville,
supported by L. Wood and unanimously approved.

Case 2014-01 – 1593 Jefferson Street. Applicant: Frank Peterson. District: Jefferson. Current
Function: Residential. M. Franzak presented the staff report. The applicant purchased the home
at 1593 Jefferson, which is in need of significant repairs. They are seeking approval for the
following projects: 1) replacement of front porch columns (wood to vinyl); 2) addition of rear
entry door; 3) addition of rear porch/patio; 4) addition of cement cap to front porch; 5) addition
of gutters and downspouts; 6) installation of wooden storm windows and window shutters; 7)
installation of railing on side porch; 8) installation of fencing along alley; and 9) installation of
pole light in front yard. In addition, the applicant has stated that he will be refurbishing all of the
wood windows.

HDC Minutes 2/04/14                                                                                  1
Board members discussed the items in the order listed above. J. Hilt asked why he wanted to use
vinyl columns. F. Peterson stated that the material was actually a type of composite, not vinyl,
and it would be less costly and require less maintenance, since it held up better than wood. D.
Mayville stated that he was familiar with the proposed material, and it was quite durable. He had
seen columns using the material on other homes, and they looked very nice. L. Wood concurred,
as she had also seen good results from using the composite-material columns. S. Radtke asked if
the architectural proportion of the columns would be preserved, and if they would be painted. F.
Peterson stated that the new columns would be the same diameter as the current ones, and they
would be primed and painted. F. Peterson described the raised concrete patio, the rear entry
door, and the cement cap on the front porch. He stated that gutters and downspouts were needed
to divert water away from the house, especially since there had been previous water damage. He
stated that he had the original wooden shutters that were on the house and wished to refurbish
and replace them. He wasn’t sure if there was enough to cover all windows on the house, but
there was enough to cover the front. S. Radtke asked if the original hardware was available. F.
Peterson stated that it was, both on the shutters and the house. J. Hilt asked what type of storm
windows would be used. F. Peterson stated that they were plain glass with wood frames.
Regarding the side porch railing, F. Peterson stated that under the pass-through, there were 3
steps to the bottom, and he wished to install a railing there. He got the idea from a similar set-up
across the street from this house. For the fencing along the alley, he planned to match the style
used on the neighboring property, which was a basic wood privacy fence. J. Hilt asked about the
style of pole light in the front. F. Peterson provided photos of a bronze carriage-style light

Mr. Tiffany stated that he lived on Jefferson Street and was on the Jefferson Street Association.
He stated that he had heard from unnamed neighbors who were concerned that the front columns
would not be made of wood. F. Peterson stated that the work would look closest to the original
if it was done as he proposed. S. Radtke suggested that he obtain a cost estimate for wood
columns. D. Mayville suggested a compromise, using wood posts with composite caps. J. Hilt
proposed tabling items 1 and 7, which board members still had concerns about, and approving
the remaining items. S. Radtke concurred.

A motion that the HDC approve the requests as proposed in the staff report, with the exception of
#1 and #7, as long all zoning requirements are met and the necessary permits are obtained, was
made by S. Radtke supported by D. Mayville and unanimously approved.



There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:44 p.m.

HDC Minutes 2/04/14                                                                               2

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