City Commission Packet 03-07-2016

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                             CITY OF MUSKEGON
                       CITY COMMISSION WORKSESSION

                              Monday, March 7, 2016
                                    5:30 p.m.
                            City Commission Chambers


1.    L.C. Walker Arena Muskegon Football Contract

2.    Approval of loan in the amount of $9,000 to Terrace Cutz, LLC

3.    L.C. Walker Arena Annex Roof

4.    Any Other Business

5.    Adjournment

A Community Relations Committee Meeting will be held immediate following the Work
Session Meeting.
                            AGENDA ITEM NO. ______________
                    CITY COMMISSION MEETING ________________________

TO:         Honorable Mayor and City Commissioners

FROM:       Frank Peterson, City Manager

DATE:       March 7, 2016

RE:         West Michigan Ironmen Lease

Approval of the attached one-year lease agreement with the West Michigan Ironmen. The
agreement allows the arena football team to use the LC Walker Arena as their home field. The
agreement is slated for one year as an opportunity to work out and issues before entering into a
longer term agreement.

Lease and related revenues are estimated to be between $10,000 and $20,000 for the season.


To authorize staff to execute the lease agreement.


       THIS AGREEMENT made and entered into the 19th day of February, 2016 by and
between the L.C. Walker Arena and Event Center (hereinafter referred to as “Arena”) of 955
Fourth Street, Muskegon, MI. 49440 and West Michigan Ironmen, (hereinafter referred to as
“Muskegon Football”).


      WHEREAS, Arena is located at 955 Fourth Street at Western Avenue, Muskegon,
County of Muskegon, Michigan; and

       WHEREAS, Muskegon Football is organized for the purposes of promoting and
sponsoring league play of a professional Indoor football team; and

       WHEREAS, the parties desire to enter into an agreement for the use of the facilities
operated by Arena;


1.     USE OF PREMISE: Arena agrees that for the term of this agreement that Muskegon
Football may utilize the Arena for professional football and related football game activities as

       a.      Fully equipped sports arena for playing indoor football. Muskegon Football to
               provide and set up/tear down all equipment necessary for its football games
               including artificial turf, goals, netting, padding, and/or other equipment as may be
               required. Muskegon Football will be allowed access to Arena at 9:00AM on
               scheduled game days and will be allowed 3 hours time for tear down, immediately
               following the game. Muskegon Football to provide and /or compensate for
               staffing at any pre-game event including amateur games, camps, cheerleading
               camps or any other event as may be approved by the Arena;

       b.      Operating public address system and lighting;

       c.      Seating facilities for spectators in arena area;

       d.      Two dressing rooms for team use on game days during Indoor football season
               from 9:00AM to 1 hour after game conclusion.

       e.      Sufficient officials’ room, coaches’ office, trainer’s working area and press box
               area which meet the requirements for professional indoor football games.
               Muskegon Football to be responsible for any required equipment as well as any
               phone line or internet line charges;

       f.      Heat at comfortable temperature;
       g.     Facility clean-up after games;

       h.     Secured storage within the Arena for promotional equipment. Storage area to be
              determined by Arena Director.

       i.     Arena cannot guarantee storage space for artificial turf and related equipment;
              however, in the event storage is not available, Muskegon Football agrees to
              remove turf and related equipment from the facility immediately upon completion
              of the playing season.

              Muskegon Football agrees to hold its entire league scheduled home games at the
              L.C. Walker Arena.

2.   TERM OF AGREEMENT: This agreement shall be effective for a period of one (1) year
commencing on March 1, 2016 and ending on March 1, 2017.

3.       COMPENSATION, FEES: Muskegon Football shall pay to the Arena compensation for
its right to use the Arena upon the following schedule for all games played (including playoff
and exhibition games):

       a.     Arena Fees Per Game: $2,000 rent per game

       b.     Facility Fees: For all professional football games at any time Muskegon Football
              shall pay to the Arena the following facility fees:

              Year                             Per Ticket          Tickets Applicable

              2016                             $1.00               All tickets

              •   Muskegon Football shall receive a $500.00 rent credit after 2,000 tickets are
                  issued per game and an additional $250.00 rent credit for every 500 tickets
                  issued thereafter per game. Game settlements will be conducted at 10:00AM
                  on the Tuesday following each Muskegon Football home game.

              •   Muskegon Football shall receive 75% of the net food and beverage revenues
                  per home game. The aforementioned percentage is based on net revenues
                  after concession personnel wages, product costs, liquor liability insurance and
                  all ancillary expenses are deducted from the total food and beverage revenues
                  generated at each Muskegon Football home game. Arena Concessions
                  Manager will provide a detailed food and beverage report of each Muskegon
                  Football home game at the time of aforementioned game settlements.

              •   Muskegon Football shall receive 75% of the net parking revenues for each
                  home game. Net parking revenues will be determined after parking lot
                 attendee wages and all unexpected or unforeseen expenses (i.e. – snow
                 removal) are deducted from the total parking revenues generated at each
                 Muskegon Football home game. Arena Manager will provide a detailed
                 report of the parking report of each Muskegon Football home game at the time
                 of the aforementioned game settlements.

     c.   The Arena shall receive up to 10 complimentary tickets for admission to all
          home games during the term of this agreement, subject to availability.


     a.   Staffing: Arena shall in connection with the operation of the building provide to
          Muskegon Football at Arena rates: ticket takers, door guards, ushers, and security.
          Muskegon Football shall provide the following personnel for the operation of the
          indoor football game: medical services personnel, equipment repair personnel,
          game officials, spot light operator, music operator and/or any other personnel

          Arena and Muskegon Football will work together and each will use their best
          efforts to create a user-friendly atmosphere, which recognizes the importance of
          each and every customer using the facility. The Arena and Muskegon Football
          shall cooperate to assure adequate training for all staff and personnel to enhance
          the image of the County and City of Muskegon Community, L.C. Walker Arena
          and West Michigan Ironmen.

     b.   Box Office Charges The L.C. Walker Arena is part of the Star Ticket system.
          The Arena shall operate a full service box office five (5) days a week, and on
          Saturday and Sunday event days. The Box Office will close after the last
          scheduled regular season game. Should West Michigan Ironmen qualify for the
          playoffs, then the Box Office will reopen the week of event. Muskegon Football
          shall pay to the Arena for box office services as follows:

          i)      $0.05 per ticket for all tickets issued by the box office, and $0.25 for all
          outlet, phone orders or internet tickets issued payable to the Arena immediately
          after the applicable game or event.

          ii)       4% bank charges for credit card services.

          iii)      3% of sales with a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $1000

     c.   Souvenir stand. Space on the concourse and /or arena floor for set up of team
          souvenir stands. Location and size to be approved by the Arena.

     d.   Parking. Staff, players and owners will be allowed parking access to the arena
          lot immediately adjacent to the arena building along Shoreline Drive, per
       e.      Music Services. Muskegon Football shall be responsible for ASCAP, BMI,
               SEASAC and any other licensor of music, in connection with the operation of
               games. Such licenses shall not include the use of music at events other than
               scheduled Indoor football games.

sell and receive 100% of the proceeds from the sale of program ads, temporary banners, padding,
promotions, kiosks, novelty sales, and any other activities related to an arena football game. All
such advertising items and activities shall require Arena approval. Temporary signage and kiosks
must be removed and stored prior to 5 AM the next day.

6.      SCHEDULING AVAILABILITY: By a specified date each year, Arena will submit a list
of available play dates for the Muskegon Football season. Twelve (12) dates will be submitted
and those submitted dates will be held until the conclusion of the league schedule. Unused dates
to be released by Muskegon Football upon creation of the indoor football league schedule.

Arena will utilize its best efforts to maintain good date availability for all playoff dates which
cannot be scheduled in advance of the season.


       a.       Muskegon Football shall obtain and retain throughout the term of this day to day
       rental, insurance coverage of and for all claims arising out of or resulting from Muskegon
       Football’s use of the L.C. Walker Arena, which coverage shall include the following.
       Each policy shall contain the provision that no cancellation shall be effective unless thirty
       (30) days advance written notice is given by the carrier to the Arena. All insurance
       policies shall name the City of Muskegon, the Muskegon County Building Authority and
       Muskegon County as additional insureds and loss payees:

               i)       Broad form comprehensive general liability insurance including:
                        (a) Premises/operations
                        (b) Products/Completed operations hazard,
                        (c) Broad form contractual and
                        (d) Personal injury.
This general liability insurance shall provide the following limits of liability: $3,000,000.00
($1,000,000.00 primary and $2,000,000.00 umbrella).

              ii)    Comprehensive automobile liability insurance for all owned and non-
owned vehicles used on behalf of the Muskegon Football in the amounts not less than
$1,000,000.00 for bodily injury and property damage, and including loading and unloading

               iii)    Worker’s compensation insurance providing statutory coverage for the
State of Michigan.
               iv)     Such additional insurance which Arena and/or City may reasonably
require from time to time.

                v)      Certificate of insurance in a form satisfactory to the City of Muskegon, the
County Building Authority and the County of Muskegon shall be filed with the Arena at least
thirty (30) days prior to the commencement of Muskegon Football’s use under this agreement.

       b.       Muskegon Football agrees that it will indemnify and hold and save, the City of
       Muskegon, the County Building Authority and the County of Muskegon whole and
       harmless of, from and against all claims, demands, actions, damages, loss, costs,
       liabilities, expenses and judgments incurred by, recovered from or imposed on or against
       them or any of them on account of any injury or damage to person or property to the
       extent that any such damage may be incident to, arise out of, or be caused, either
       proximately or remotely, wholly or in part, by an act, omission, negligence or misconduct
       on the part of the Muskegon Football or any of its agents, servants, employees,
       contractors, patrons, guests, licensees or by or of any other person entering upon the L.C.
       Walker Arena with either the express or implied invitation or permission of Muskegon
       Football or when any such injury or damage is the result, proximate or remote, of the
       violation by Muskegon Football or any of its agents, servants, employees, contractors,
       patrons, guests, licensees or invitees of any law, ordinance or governmental order of any
       kind, or when any such injury or damage may in any other way arise from or out of the
       occupancy or use by Muskegon Football, its agents, servants, employees, contractors,
       patrons, guests, licensees or of any portion of the L.C. Walker Arena. Such
       indemnification of the above entities by the Muskegon Football shall be effective unless
       such damage or injury results from the sole negligence of the City, County Building
       Authority or the County of Muskegon. Muskegon Football covenants and agrees that in
       case the City, the County Building Authority or the County shall be made a party to any
       litigation commenced by or against Muskegon Football or relating to this agreement or to
       the portion of the L.C. Walker Arena subject to this agreement, then Muskegon Football
       shall and will pay all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and court
       costs, incurred by or imposed upon them, their officers, officials, agents, employees,
       volunteers, or attorneys by virtue of any such litigation.

8.      RELEASE OF HAZARDOUS MATERIALS: Muskegon Football shall not cause or
allow the release of hazardous materials or pollution as defined by any local, state or federal law
or regulation to occur upon the premises. In the event of such release, Muskegon Football shall
be responsible for any and all costs, including clean up, penalties, fines, or damages to third
parties. Muskegon Football agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the City, the County Building
Authority and the County of Muskegon from any such exposures or costs.

9.     PRACTICE/TRAINING CAMP: Muskegon Football shall have daytime use of the arena
on game days beginning at 9:00AM. Additional opportunities to access Arena for practices will
be determined by Arena Manager and per availability.
10.    LIABILITY/RESPONSIBILITY: Arena assumes no responsibility whatever for any
property of Muskegon Football placed in said building and arena is expressly relieved and
discharged from any and all liability for any loss, injury, or damage to persons or property that
may be sustained during the effective date of this contract by reason of the occupancy and
operation of said building or any part thereof under this agreement.

11.     DEFAULT: Muskegon Football covenants that if any default is made in the payment of
fees or any part thereof at the time specified in this contract, or if any default is made in any of
the covenants or agreements herein contained, or if Muskegon Football cancels this agreement
for any cause, the provisions of this contract shall cease and terminate at the Arena’s option, and
Muskegon Football may be put out of the premises by appropriate legal proceedings. Further,
and in addition, should Muskegon Football be in default with regard to payments or fees due
hereunder or other default occur, the Arena shall be allowed, without initiating legal proceedings
against Muskegon Football and without verbal or written notice to take such money from box
office receipts due Muskegon Football and to withdraw from and/or to be relieved of the Arena’s
responsibilities under this agreement. Upon default, Arena may cease providing any or all
services called from this agreement. Muskegon Football shall save the Arena harmless from any
and all claims or actions for damages or injunctions.

12.     FEES AND EXTRA SERVICES: Any sum due the Arena from Muskegon Football or
any accommodations, extra services, material or cost of repair, shall be a first lien on the box
office receipts and on any property of the Muskegon Football which may be in the L.C. Walker
Arena and Event Center. Settlements shall take place within 4 working days from game day. Any
balance due the Arena shall be paid at this time.

13.    COMPLIANCE WITH LIQUOR LAWS: Muskegon Football acknowledges that all of
the L.C. Walker Arena and Event Center is a “licensed premises” under the Michigan Liquor
Control Act. Muskegon Football covenants that it will not do or permit to be done anything
which will violate the terms and conditions of said Liquor License or the regulations of the
Michigan Liquor Control Commission.

14.     ENTRANCE: All articles, exhibits, fixtures, materials, displays, etc., shall be brought
into or out of the building at such entrances and exits as designated by the Arena Manager.

15.     TERMINATION: Muskegon Football agrees upon the termination of this agreement, it
shall vacate the Arena leaving it in the same condition as it existed on the date of this agreement
except for the consequences of ordinary use and wear thereof and damage by the elements or fire
or other casualty.

16.    RELATIONSHIP OF PARTIES: No provision of this Agreement herein contained shall
be construed by the parties or by any other person as one creating a partnership or joint venture
between the parties as to the use of the Arena by Muskegon Football or as to the operation of
Muskegon Football business in the Arena, it being the intent of the parties that this Agreement is
solely that of a contract for the use of a portion of the premises owned by the City and known as
the L.C. Walker Arena and Event Center.

17.     REMOVAL OF PROPERTY: Personal equipment in connection with Muskegon
Football activities belonging to Muskegon Football shall be removed from the Arena at or before
the termination of this Agreement. Said property shall not include advertising facilities, fixtures,
locker room or arena equipment, non-removable signage, advertising or messages, scoreboards,
tables, platforms, benches, seating or any property except the personal belongings of Muskegon
Football and its personnel. All such excepted property shall be and is the property of the Arena
and shall be removed from the building.

18.     NUMBER OF PATRONS: Muskegon Football shall fully cooperate with Arena and
shall not cause to be admitted to the premises a larger number of persons than the rated capacity
of the individual areas hereby rented. Maximum capacities shall be established as mandated by
the City of Muskegon Fire Departments. Capacities may be reduced due to setups or

19.      PUBLIC AREA OBSTRUCTIONS PROHIBITIED: No portion of the sidewalks, ramps,
entries, corridors, passageways, vestibules, halls, lobbies, stairways, aisles, or access to public
utilities of the L.C. Walker Arena and Event Center shall be obstructed by Muskegon Football or
used for any purposes other than for ingress or egress from the day to day rental of d premises.

20.      PUBLIC SAFETY: Muskegon Football agrees that at all times they will conduct their
activities with full regard to public safety, and will observe and abide by all applicable
regulations and requests by the Arena and duly authorized governmental agencies responsible for
public safety.

21.     FLAMMABLE MATERIALS: Materials used for decorative purposes must be treated
with flame proofing and approved the Muskegon Fire Department. Nor shall Muskegon Football
without written consent of the Building Manager and approval of the appropriate City official,
such as the fire marshal, building inspector, or other appropriate official, place or operate any
engine or motor or machine on the premises, or use oils, burning fluids, kerosene, propane, or
gasoline, or any other flammable chemical for mechanical or other purposes.

22.     CONDITION OF PREMISES: Muskegon Football shall have examined the premises
prior to the execution of this Agreement and are presumed to be satisfied with the physical
condition of the premises. Muskegon Football by entering into this Agreement and the usage of
the Arena, agrees that the premises are in safe, sanitary condition, and in good repair.

23.     PERMITS, LICENSES AND COPYRIGHTS: Muskegon Football agrees to obtain and
pay for all necessary permits and licenses required by Federal, State or local laws. Muskegon
Football warrants that all copyrighted material to be performed has been duly authorized or
licensed by the copyright owners or/their representatives and agrees to indemnify and hold
harmless the City, County Building Authority and County of Muskegon from any and all claims,
losses, expenses, including legal fees, which might arise from any such permits, licenses and
24.    RIGHT TO INSPECT: Arena reserves the right to inspect and control all events being
held on premises.

25.     COMPLIANCE WITH LAW: Muskegon Football shall not conduct, or permit to be
conducted on the premises, any performance or activity which either by speech, song, music, or
other conduct, is in violation of the laws of the United States, the State of Michigan, or the rules
and regulations of the L.C. Walker Arena and Event Center.

26.    ASSIGNMENT: Muskegon Football may not assign this day to day rental without the
prior written consent of the Arena.

27.    UNAVAILABILITY OF FACILITIES: In the event that the facilities herein rented or
any portion thereof are not available for occupancy upon commencement or during the term of
this Agreement due to fire, casualty, acts of God, strikes or national emergency or other cause
beyond the control of the Arena, this permit and the obligations of the Arena and Muskegon
Football herein shall terminate. Muskegon Football hereby waives any claim against the Arena
for damages by reason of such termination.

28.     BREACH OF AGREEMENT: In the case of the breach of any one or more of the terms
of this Agreement by Muskegon Football, the right to the use of the premises shall terminate
without notice or demand. Upon the termination of this Agreement, Muskegon Football agrees to
vacate the premises immediately. The parties agree that Arena is in full control of the premises
and may refuse admission to or put out any person including Muskegon Football for good cause.
No action by Arena under this paragraph shall cause forfeiture of any fees or payments due the

29.     CANCELLATION: Should Muskegon Football cancel an already scheduled game,
without giving a minimum of seven (7) days advance notice to the Arena Manager, the Arena
may charge Muskegon Football the full amount of Arena Fees Per Game as specified in Section
3(a) of this agreement.

30.     BINDING EFFECT: Each and every term of this contract shall be binding upon the
parties and their successors and assigns, and cannot be varied or waived by any oral
representations or promise of any agent or other person of the parties hereto, unless the same be
in writing and mutually signed by the duly authorized agent or agents who executed this.

31.    LEGAL CONSTRUCTION: The Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State
of Michigan.

32.     ENTIRE AGREEMENT: The parties hereto agree that all of their agreements are fully
set forth herein and that no oral statement or representations of any kind have been made upon
which either party shall have the right to reply. This shall not limit the Arena from imposing any
reasonable additional rules or regulations which may be necessary in the best interest of the
operations of the facilities.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Arena and Muskegon Football have caused this indenture to be
executed the day and year first above written.

WITNESSES:                                    L.C. Walker Arena

________________________________              By________________________________

________________________________                 ________________________________

                                             Muskegon Football

________________________________              By________________________________

________________________________                 ________________________________
        Commission Meeting Date: March 7, 2016

Date:      March 1, 2016

To:        Honorable Mayor & City Commission

From:      Planning & Economic Development Department

RE:        Approval of loan in the amount of $9,000 to Terrace
           Cutz, LLC

SUMMARY OF REQUEST: To approve the attached loan agreement
and related documents for a $9,000 loan to Terrace Cutz, LLC. They
will be using the loan in conjunction with a $21,000 loan from GROW
to purchase and upgrade the building at 1144 S Getty St.

FINANCIAL IMPACT: The City will gain $1,314.63 in interest charges
over the course of the five year loan.


STAFF RECOMMENDATION: The Planning and Finance
Departments recommend approval of the loan to Terrace Cutz, LLC.

Loan from City of Muskegon Revolving Loan Fund to Ryschard Laws/Terrace Cutz
Loan Amortization Schedule

Revolving Loan Fund Payments

                     Enter Values                                      Loan Summary
                        Loan Amount $     9,000.00                   Scheduled Payment $       171.91
                Annual Interest Rate        5.50 %        Scheduled Number of Payments             60
                Loan Period in Years              5
        Number of Payments Per Year              12                Total Early Payments $          -
                   Start Date of Loan     3/11/2016                        Total Interest $   1,314.63

Pmt                     Beginning        Scheduled                                                             Ending        Cumulative
No.   Payment Date        Balance         Payment     Total Payment           Principal        Interest       Balance          Interest
1        4/11/2016 $      9,000.00   $      171.91    $         171.91   $      130.66    $     41.25     $   8,869.34   $        41.25
2        5/11/2016        8,869.34          171.91              171.91          131.26          40.65         8,738.08            81.90
3        6/11/2016        8,738.08          171.91              171.91          131.86          40.05         8,606.22           121.95
4        7/11/2016        8,606.22          171.91              171.91          132.47          39.45         8,473.75           161.40
5        8/11/2016        8,473.75          171.91              171.91          133.07          38.84         8,340.68           200.23
6        9/11/2016        8,340.68          171.91              171.91          133.68          38.23         8,207.00           238.46
7       10/11/2016        8,207.00          171.91              171.91          134.30          37.62         8,072.70           276.08
8       11/11/2016        8,072.70          171.91              171.91          134.91          37.00         7,937.79           313.08
9       12/11/2016        7,937.79          171.91              171.91          135.53          36.38         7,802.26           349.46
10       1/11/2017        7,802.26          171.91              171.91          136.15          35.76         7,666.11           385.22
11       2/11/2017        7,666.11          171.91              171.91          136.77          35.14         7,529.34           420.36
12       3/11/2017        7,529.34          171.91              171.91          137.40          34.51         7,391.94           454.87
13       4/11/2017        7,391.94          171.91              171.91          138.03          33.88         7,253.91           488.74
14       5/11/2017        7,253.91          171.91              171.91          138.66          33.25         7,115.25           521.99
15       6/11/2017        7,115.25          171.91              171.91          139.30          32.61         6,975.95           554.60
16       7/11/2017        6,975.95          171.91              171.91          139.94          31.97         6,836.01           586.58
17       8/11/2017        6,836.01          171.91              171.91          140.58          31.33         6,695.43           617.91
18       9/11/2017        6,695.43          171.91              171.91          141.22          30.69         6,554.21           648.60
19      10/11/2017        6,554.21          171.91              171.91          141.87          30.04         6,412.34           678.64
20      11/11/2017        6,412.34          171.91              171.91          142.52          29.39         6,269.82           708.03
21      12/11/2017        6,269.82          171.91              171.91          143.17          28.74         6,126.64           736.76
22       1/11/2018        6,126.64          171.91              171.91          143.83          28.08         5,982.81           764.84
23       2/11/2018        5,982.81          171.91              171.91          144.49          27.42         5,838.32           792.26
24       3/11/2018        5,838.32          171.91              171.91          145.15          26.76         5,693.17           819.02
25       4/11/2018        5,693.17          171.91              171.91          145.82          26.09         5,547.36           845.12
26       5/11/2018        5,547.36          171.91              171.91          146.49          25.43         5,400.87           870.54
27       6/11/2018        5,400.87          171.91              171.91          147.16          24.75         5,253.71           895.30
28       7/11/2018        5,253.71          171.91              171.91          147.83          24.08         5,105.88           919.38
29       8/11/2018        5,105.88          171.91              171.91          148.51          23.40         4,957.37           942.78
30       9/11/2018        4,957.37          171.91              171.91          149.19          22.72         4,808.18           965.50
31      10/11/2018        4,808.18          171.91              171.91          149.87          22.04         4,658.31           987.54
32      11/11/2018        4,658.31          171.91              171.91          150.56          21.35         4,507.75         1,008.89
33      12/11/2018        4,507.75          171.91              171.91          151.25          20.66         4,356.50         1,029.55
34       1/11/2019        4,356.50          171.91              171.91          151.94          19.97         4,204.56         1,049.51
35       2/11/2019        4,204.56          171.91              171.91          152.64          19.27         4,051.92         1,068.79
36       3/11/2019        4,051.92          171.91              171.91          153.34          18.57         3,898.58         1,087.36
37       4/11/2019        3,898.58          171.91              171.91          154.04          17.87         3,744.54         1,105.23
38       5/11/2019        3,744.54          171.91              171.91          154.75          17.16         3,589.79         1,122.39
39       6/11/2019        3,589.79          171.91              171.91          155.46          16.45         3,434.33         1,138.84
40       7/11/2019        3,434.33          171.91              171.91          156.17          15.74         3,278.16         1,154.58
41       8/11/2019        3,278.16          171.91              171.91          156.89          15.02         3,121.28         1,169.61
42       9/11/2019        3,121.28          171.91              171.91          157.60          14.31         2,963.67         1,183.91
43      10/11/2019        2,963.67          171.91              171.91          158.33          13.58         2,805.35         1,197.50
44      11/11/2019        2,805.35          171.91              171.91          159.05          12.86         2,646.29         1,210.35
45      12/11/2019        2,646.29          171.91              171.91          159.78          12.13         2,486.51         1,222.48
46       1/11/2020        2,486.51          171.91              171.91          160.51          11.40         2,326.00         1,233.88
47       2/11/2020        2,326.00          171.91              171.91          161.25          10.66         2,164.75         1,244.54
48       3/11/2020        2,164.75          171.91              171.91          161.99           9.92         2,002.76         1,254.46
49       4/11/2020        2,002.76          171.91              171.91          162.73           9.18         1,840.03         1,263.64
50       5/11/2020        1,840.03          171.91              171.91          163.48           8.43         1,676.55         1,272.07
51       6/11/2020        1,676.55          171.91              171.91          164.23           7.68         1,512.33         1,279.76
52       7/11/2020        1,512.33          171.91              171.91          164.98           6.93         1,347.35         1,286.69
53       8/11/2020        1,347.35          171.91              171.91          165.74           6.18         1,181.61         1,292.87
54       9/11/2020        1,181.61          171.91              171.91          166.49           5.42         1,015.12         1,298.28
55      10/11/2020        1,015.12          171.91              171.91          167.26           4.65           847.86         1,302.93
56      11/11/2020          847.86          171.91              171.91          168.02           3.89           679.83         1,306.82
57      12/11/2020          679.83          171.91              171.91          168.79           3.12           511.04         1,309.94
58       1/11/2021          511.04          171.91              171.91          169.57           2.34           341.47         1,312.28
59       2/11/2021          341.47          171.91              171.91          170.35           1.57           171.13         1,313.84
60       3/11/2021          171.13          171.91              171.13          170.34           0.78             0.00         1,314.63
61       4/11/2021            0.00          171.91                0.00            0.00           0.00             0.00         1,314.63
62       5/11/2021            0.00          171.91                0.00            0.00           0.00             0.00         1,314.63
63       6/11/2021            0.00          171.91                0.00            0.00           0.00             0.00         1,314.63
                            AGENDA ITEM NO. ______________
                    CITY COMMISSION MEETING ________________________

TO:         Honorable Mayor and City Commissioners

FROM:       Frank Peterson, City Manager

DATE:       March 7, 2016

RE:         Annex Roof Replacement

Last week, staff solicited and approved bids for an emergency replacement of the roof at the
Annex building. Multiple bids were solicited, and the lowest responsible bidder was identified as
J. Stevens Construction. The roof is being replaced with a 60 Mill TPO Roofing System at a cost
of $43,300. Because of the emergency need, construction has begun; staff is asking for formal
approval at this time.

$43,300 from the Arena Improvement Fund


To authorize staff to award the roof replacement bid to J. Stevens Construction .


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