Citizens District Council Minutes 06-07-2016

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Citizen’s District Council Meeting
City of Muskegon CDBG
Conference Room 203
Muskegon, Michigan
Tuesday, June 7th, 2016


         The meeting was called to order by Chris Carter at 5:42pm.


    Roll call was taken by Oneata Bailey, and a quorum was present.
     Present:
               Kim McDonald                               Addie Sanders-Randall
               Chris Carter                               Ken Johnson
               Veania Coleman

        Absent:
             Tom Pastoor

        Excused:
                 Rosalind Ford
                 Kim Burr

        Staff Present:
             Oneata Bailey


        Kim McDonald motioned to approve the minutes from May 3rd, 2016; Addie Sanders-Randall seconded the
motion, which passed unanimously.


        CHDO Allocations/Report

     Oneata explained that the two CHDOs that were approved (Community enCompass and Habitat for Humanity)
went to Commission. The Family Promise application was not eligible, for they requested help with their “transitional
shelter;” this is not considered an affordable housing unit. The staff is working with them on zoning. Family Promise
recently sold their property, producing funds to move forward with their project.

     In particular, two properties were provided to Community enCompass by the Land Bank: a 2-unit rental unit and
a single family structure. One property is located on Mason and the other on Fourth. MSHDA is also working with


        DTE Program (owners/tenants)

      Oneata discussed how only owner-occupied homes are currently eligible for the DTE program. There was
discussion on the possibility of offering this program for rentals as well. One idea for this program to benefit tenants
is to get Safebuilt involved in testing the furnace on inspection.


        Homebuyer’s Assistance Program

     Oneata explained how this program is still in the process of assisting homebuyers with down payment costs up to
$5,000. This program requires a home inspection to ensure the best home quality for the homebuyers. The program
is going well; there were three sales in the month of May, and an expected three to four sales for the month of June.

     MSHDA has a similar program that exists in the county of Muskegon. The home can be up to $225,000. The
income limits are much higher than those used for the City of Muskegon’s program. Also, they can fund up to $7,500
in buying a new home. This brings up the question of whether or not the Homebuyer’s Assistance Program at the City
of Muskegon should continue or not. There will be further investigation into the particulars of the MSHDA program
before making a final decision.


        Kim McDonald entertained a motion to adjourn at 6:25pm; Veania Coleman seconded the motion, which
was unanimously accepted.

Next Meeting:
The next meeting date is: August 2nd, 2016


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