Housing Board of Appeals Minutes 03-02-2023

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                                      CITY OF MUSKEGON
                              MUSKEGON HOUSING BOARD OF APPEALS
                                     NOTICE AND AGENDA

DATE OF MEETING:                 Thursday, March 2nd, 2023
TIME OF MEETING:                 5:30 PM

 CHAIR: Kim Burr called the meeting at 5:31 PM

 ATTENDANCE: K. Burr, C. Bickford, E. Simmons, J. Willis, M. Ramsey, Steve Frantz

 STAFF: S. Kiaunis, Building Safety Department, B. Zenobia, Building Safety Department; T. Koza!

 ABSENT: A. K. Kolberg.


 OTHERS: John Mohl 380 Merrill, Rick Wilhelm 1451 Beidler St., David Lewis 211 Irwin Ave, Monica Tate
 1943 Hoyt St. Erika Elek 492 Amity.
I.         Meeting Minuets: A motion to approve the regular meeting minutes from December meeting was made
           by E. Simmons and supported by C. Bickford.

II.        Old Business:
A.      EN2200333 1128 Ambrosia - Jenkins Jamie 1643 Chateau Dr sw Wyoming, Ml 49519
           - Declared for demolition ES, SF.
B.     EN2202463 492 Amity Ave - Greenwall Property Solutions LLC 5275 Bullard RD Fenton, Ml 48430
       - Decision to table for 30 days.
C.     EN2000306 1451 Beidler St- Wilhelm Ricky J / Wilhelm Gabrielle J 1451 Beidler St Muskegon Ml,
       49441- Table for 30 days.
D.     EN1900653 380 Merrill Ave - Mohl John R Ill 3004 Nordic Ave Kalamazoo, Ml 49004
          -Table for 30 days.
E.     EN1904730 613 Orchard Ave - Gibbons Timothy 5379 Nadeau Dr Pullman, Ml 49450
          -Declared for Demolition ES, SF.
F.     EN2200640 808 Oak Ave - Bobby Sisk 11852 Juniper Hills ct. Grand Haven, Ml 49442
          -Declared for Demolition ES, SF.
G.     EN2204966 1850 Park St- Jasper Love 3113 Merriam St. Muskegon, Ml 49444
          -Declared for Demolition ES, JW.
H.     EN1906561 1943 Hoyt St- Monica Tate 1943 Hoyt St. Muskegon, Ml 49442
          -Table for 30 days.

Ill.       New Business:
A. EN2300010 211 Irwin Ave - Lewis David 211 Irwin Ave Muskegon, Ml 49442
      -Table for 60 days.

IV. ADJOURN: A motion to adjourn was made by E Simmons and supported by M. C. Bickford at 6:30 PM

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