City Commission Worksession Minutes 02-07-2022

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                                CITY OF MUSKEGON
                          CITY COMMISSION WORKSESSION

                               Monday, February 7, 2022
                                       5:30 p.m.
                              City Commission Chambers
                        933 Terrace Street, Muskegon, MI 49440


Present: Mayor Johnson, Vice Mayor German, Commissioners Gorman, Emory,
St.Clair, and Ramsey

Absent: Commissioner Hood

Terry Sabo, 92nd District State Representative, was in attendance and addressed the
City Commission regarding some legislative updates.

Access for All – Youth Training Program
Access for All representatives were in attendance and provided information about
“Access for All” which is an Apprenticeship Readiness Training Program for those 18
years of age or older that are local residents. Potential Success for All applicants who
are interested in having access to trade positions are a strong catalyst in job creation for
youths in Muskegon County. Classes consist of 25 verified high school students or
youth 18-22 years of age seeking occupations through higher education in several
building trades including excavation, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and building.

Arena Restrooms, ADA Improvements
Staff is seeking approval to enter into a design build agreement with Spark 43 to design
and construct ADA egress, public restrooms, storage and alley/utility improvements at
the Mercy Health Arena.

Staff has been working to develop a long-term solution to three downtown issues:
Large-capacity public restrooms for special events and daily visitors, ADA egress from
the west side of the arena, and capacity to replace the arena’s storage that was lost in a
windstorm in 2015.

If approved, this plan will help address all three issues. The construction would create
ADA access from Western Avenue using the small alleyway between the arena and the
CIO Hall. The walkway would consist of a ramp connecting Western Avenue to the
egress doors on the Arena’s western façade. Current, all occupants utilizing that egress
point must exit via a steep set of stairs constructed 50+ years ago. As part of the ramp
construction, we will gain barrier-free entry to the arena’s new restrooms directly from
the exterior of the arena. This will allow the arena restrooms to be accessed by the
general public without entering the arena. Additionally, as part of the new ramped
egress, a storage area approximately 20 feet x 25 feet will be created to help store
important arena assets like football/soccer turf, floor coverings, etc. The project would
also include replacing the stormwater, sanitary sewers, and watermains in the alley.

Note that the costs are based on engineers estimates, and all trades will be hard-bid to
meet the City’s purchasing policies. We are proposing to use ARPA for the non-utility
improvements, and the utility funds for the corresponding utility improvements.

Discussion took place, this item will appear on the agenda for the meeting to be held
Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Marihuana Consumption Community Outreach
The City received $112,000 last year from excise tax from marihuana sales. 35% of that
money ($39,200) is to be allocated for the Muskegon Social Equity Program. 35% of
that money ($13,720) is to be spent on education and community outreach for
responsible marihuana consumption related to harm reduction. Advertisements
renderings to choose from as well as the quote from Lamar Advertising are provided.
The quote lists panels of information for each potential location. Each panel includes a
start date, rate per cycle, and a one-time production fee. A cycle is 28 days long so
most o the quotes are for four cycles.

Mike Franzak, Planning Manager, provided the Commissioners with additional options
for advertising. This item will appear on the agenda for the meeting to be held Tuesday,
February 8, 2022.

Bang the Table
Staff spent a majority of its time getting familiar with and setting up Bang the Table in
2021. In the past year we found that Bang the Table has grown in recognition and has
been purchased by Granicus, Inc. Granicus, Inc. is one of the top information
technology companies in the USA and growing in popularity with other countries as well.

Bang the Table is great for putting out surveys (DPW utilized this service for the parks
this past summer). We also see that many communities are utilizing it to communicate
about ARPA funds.

Staff recommends not renewing at this time. Discussion took place and it is understood
that our internal Information Technology department has the ability to launch a similar
platform and will allow for internal control rather than have a 3rd party software vendor
provide the platform.

Precinct Boundary Changes
Following the 2020 Census, State of Michigan Redistricting, and County
Reapportionment, we are requesting changes to some precinct boundaries in order to
better balance the number of registered voters in each ward.
Due to the timeline for getting changes submitted to the State of Michigan, Bureau of
Election, we are seeking approval of the changes so that we can submit our
revisions as soon as possible.
The deadline to file ballot wording of proposals qualified to appear on the May 3,
2022 ballot is February 8, 2022 and we have been told to expect the MAISD to file.
The deadline for precinct boundary changes to be submitted for the May 3, 2022
Election is March 4, 2022. The deadline for precinct boundary changes to be
submitted for the August 2, 2022 Primary is April 4, 2022. We would like to have the
changes made before the May Election to allow for time to send new voter ID cards
to voters in the City of Muskegon. Approximately 721 voters will be assigned to new
precincts and polling places. All voters will receive new ID cards to identify changes
to Precinct, Ward, Polling Place, County Commission District, State House District,
State Senate District, and Congressional District numbers.
The City of Muskegon Election Commission will meet before the February 7, 2022
Worksession to consider the proposed changes in our precinct boundaries.
Change #1 – move approximately 164 voters from Ward 3 Precinct 10 to Ward 2
Precinct 7 – these are voters at 550 W. Western, the Amazon Building. (These
voters are supposed to be in precinct 7, this is a correction that needs to be made
Change #2 – move approximately 299 voters from Ward 1 Precinct 2 to Ward 2
Precinct 5 – these are voters in an area West of Getty between Brusse and
Marcoux. This helps with balancing the number of registered voters per ward as well
as making a clearer, more concise boundary line.
Change #3 – move approximately 33 voters from Ward 4 Precinct 11 to Ward 3
Precinct 9 – these are voters in an area East of Glade between Laketon and
Hackley. This helps with balancing the number of registered voters per ward as well
as making a clearer, more concise boundary line.
Change #4 – move approximately 225 voters from Ward 4 Precinct 12 to Ward 3
Precinct 10 – these are voters in an area South of Laketon, Northwest of Ruddiman
Creek. This helps with balancing the number of registered voters per ward as well as
making a clearer, more concise boundary line.
There was discussion regarding this item. The changes were approved by the
Muskegon City Election Commission at a meeting on Tuesday, February 1, 2022.
This item will be on the agenda for consideration on Tuesday, February 8, 2022.

Public Comment:     Public Comment was received.

Adjournment: The Worksession meeting adjourned at 7:12 p.m.

                                                Respectfully Submitted,

                                                Ann Marie Meisch, MMC – City Clerk

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