City Commission Worksession Minutes 05-11-2020

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                        CITY OF MUSKEGON

                         Monday, May 11, 2020
                              5:30 p.m.
                      REMOTE MEETING VIA ZOOM


Present: Mayor Stephen Gawron, Vice Mayor Hood, and Commissioners Emory,
Johnson, Rinsema-Sybenga, German, and Ramsey.

Tax Incentive Policy and Guidelines

The Tax Incentive Committee has created a policy document for Commission approval
that reflects the findings and recommendations int eh previously reviewed committee

In an effort to standardize and control the rate and term of tax abatements granted in
the City of Muskegon, the Tax Incentive Committee (comprised of staff from Economic
Development, Planning, and Finance) has created a policy to guide our
recommendations to the City Commission when tax abatements are requested. This
system incentivizes companies that reflect community goals and values, while keeping
Muskegon competitive in the region for attraction and expansion of business base.

This item will be considered by the City Commission at the May 12, 2020 meeting.

Parking Enforcement Ordinance

Staff is seeking approval to amend the current parking ordinances 92-71 and 92-73;
Chapter 92, Article V of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Muskegon to include
parking restrictions and enforcements for public beach parking.
In addition, abandoned vehicle language (L05) was added to restrict vehicles parked
longer than 48 hours on city streets.

This item will be considered by the City Commission at the May 12, 2020 meeting.

Temporary Modification to MERS Benefit Provisions
The City Finance department is requesting a Temporary Modification to the MERS
Benefit Provisions for the Defined Benefit employees This provision would temporarily
lower the number of hours an employee would have to work during the month to earn
service credit to accommodate those employees taking part in the Work Share furlough.

Currently employees need to work 150 hours per month to receive service credit for
their defined benefit pension. This modification would allow an employee to work 126
hours and still receive service credit for the month. Additionally, this would allow for
hazard pay and essential duty pay to be pensionable. The temporary provision would be
in effect from March 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020.

This item will be considered by the City Commission at the May 12, 2020 meeting.

4th of July Fireworks

There was discussion regarding the feasibility of having a city sponsored fireworks
display, what that might look like, and whether or not the city should move forward with
an event.

The Work Session meeting adjourned at 7:03 p.m.

                                                Respectfully Submitted,

                                                Ann Marie Meisch, MMC – City Clerk

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