City Commission Worksession Minutes 08-12-2013

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                                      City of Muskegon
                                City Commission Worksession
                                       August 12, 2013
                                 City Commission Chambers
                                           5:30 PM


Present: Commissioners Markowski, Gawron, Hood, Wierengo, German, Turnquist, and
Absent: None.

Smartzone Discussion.
In 2011 the City Commission approved an agreement to transfer the development agreement
from Belmont, LLC to Muskegon Lakefront, LLC. Although the City Commission approved the
agreement, it has not been signed because obligations have not been met.

Part of the agreement with Belmont Farms, LLC allows the City to place the special assessment
back onto the property, approximately $500,000.

There are two obligations that need to be made and kept. The first is the Brownfield Loan. It
was in default, but has been caught up. The second is the obligation that two units begin
construction by December 31, 2012.

The City is obligated to pay the debt service for the MAREC Center.

Tim Paul and Bryon Mazade met with representatives last week to discuss the situation.

Looking for today – make sure there is a good understanding of the situation and any direction
you want to give staff, we would welcome that.

The City Commission, by consensus, authorized the City Manager to negotiate and see if both
sides can come to a consensus on a new agreement. The City Manager is directed to make
contact and be ready to take action if a consensus can not be reached in 30 days.

Farmer’s Market/Bike Time.
Mayor Gawron reiterated the Commission’s stand that the Farmer’s Market would come first
over festivals. The farmers have indicated they do not believe the Farmer’s Market will work by
sharing the space with festivals.

Commissioner Hood agreed and indicated that he spoke to some of the farmers and they do not
believe it will work. As much as he would like to see it work, a promise was made to the
Farmer’s Market that they would be put first.

Commissioners stressed how much they enjoy Bike Time and want to see it continue to be

Clyde Whitehouse, owner of Hot Rod Harley Davidson, spoke. Bike Time is suggesting to have
a survey to see how the crowd feels. He believes there may be some confusion of what the
proposal actually is and thinks bringing 100,000 additional people to the market will be
beneficial. Bike Time also proposes to promote the market all year through their promotional
material. It is being requested that a decision be withheld until a survey can take place.

Moved by Vice Mayor Spataro, seconded by Commissioner Wierengo that the vendor rules
for the Muskegon Farmer’s Market will not be altered and we will not compete with any
other existing festival/special events.

                                                                         ROLL CALL VOTE:

Ayes: Markowski, Gawron, Hood, Spataro, German, Wierengo, and Turnquist.
Nays: None.

                                                                         MOTION PASSES

Motion by Commissioner Hood, seconded by Commissioner Spataro to adjourn at 7:32

                                                                         MOTION PASSES

                                                           Ann Marie Cummings, MMC
                                                                      City Clerk

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