City Commission Agenda 08-04-2022

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                                 CITY OF MUSKEGON
                                   JOINT MEETING

DATE OF MEETING:                       Thursday, August 4, 2022 at 3:30 pm
PLACE OF MEETING:                      Commission Chambers, First Floor, Muskegon City Hall


  I. Marihuana License Overview & Potential License Caps

  II. Marihuana Special Use Permits

 III. Transportation & Testing Licenses

 IV. Marihuana Signage

  V. Marihuana Drive-thru’s

          The City of Muskegon will provide necessary reasonable auxiliary aids and services, such as signers for the hearing
      impaired and audio tapes of printed materials being considered at the meeting, to individuals with disabilities who want to
      attend the meeting, upon 24- hour notice to the City of Muskegon. Individuals with disabilities requiring auxiliary aids or
                          services should contact the City of Muskegon by writing or calling the following:
                                                       Ann Meisch, City Clerk
                                                          933 Terrace Street
                                                        Muskegon MI 49440
Marihuana Overview & Potential License Caps

Some members of the Planning Commission and City Commission have asked about potentially
capping the number of marihuana licenses within the City or finding a way to allow them more
equitably across the City. Below is a list of active retail and growing operations within the City.

                                          Retail Stores
                   Company                                           Address
 Rair                                             1871 Peck St
 New Standard                                     1922 Park St
 GLHM (formerly Red Bud Roots)                    1817 Commerce St
 Timber                                           313 W Laketon Ave
 Grassy Knoll                                     2125 Lemuel St
 Sozo                                             580 W Hackley Ave
 Bella Sol                                        1839 Peck St
 Levels                                           1840 6th St
 Body & Mind                                      885 E Apple Ave
 Sticky                                           1965 Peck St
 JARS (under construction)                        1801 Peck St
 Indigrow (under construction)                    639 W Clay Ave
 Great Lakes Natural Remedies (under              185 W Laketon Ave
 Fields Cannabis (recently applied for Retail,    420 S Harvey St
 Grow, Consumption Lounge and Special

                                      Growing Operations
                  Company                                            Address
 ProCanna Industries                              1938 Sanford St
 Michigrown                                       351 W Laketon Ave
 Greencraft                                       551 Young Ave
 MJ Verdant                                       1823 Commerce St
 VanDam Growers                                   1905 6th St
 Saigon Lotus                                     1720 S Getty St
 New Standard                                     1922 Park St
 Levels                                           1840 6th St

Marihuana Special Use Permits

In an effort to get more local people involved in the industry, the City Commission adopted
ordinance amendments that allow smaller-scale marihuana operations with an issuance of a special
use permit in B-2, B-4, MC, I-1 and I-2 districts. These license types include microbusinesses,
designated consumption establishments, class B recreational grows and temporary marihuana
events. This was an effort to help local people get in the industry without having to pay for high
property prices in the overlay district. However, it appears that some of the special use permit
holders are not moving forward with their plans.

 Address                       License Type                  Status
 1756 Lakeshore Dr             Microbusiness                 No permits pulled/property
                                                             listed for sale
 1811 Continental St           Microbusiness                 No permits pulled/property
                                                             listed for sale
 1720 S Getty St               Class B Grow                  Operational
 552 W Southern Ave            Class B Grow                  No permits pulled/former
                                                             company still operational

Marihuana Transportation & Testing Licenses

Transportation and testing licenses are currently only allowed in the original overlay district.
However, these are the two least intensive license types. To date, none of these licenses have been
granted nor has anyone even applied. The city may want to consider allowing these license types
in more places. Options could include allowing them as a special use permitted in the same zoning
districts as microbusinesses, designated consumption establishments, class B recreational grows
and temporary marihuana events (B-2, B-4, MC, I-1 and I-2). Or these could possibly even be
allowed as a use by right. A marihuana transporter has 48 hours to complete a delivery, so they are
never in a position where they need to store large amounts of marihuana at one time.

Marihuana Signage

From the zoning ordinance:

“Signage shall be limited to one sign, no larger than 25 square feet and shall not use the word
marihuana/marijuana, cannabis or any other word or phrase which would depict
marihuana/marijuana; nor may pictures of a leaf or leaves, green cross or any other rendering
which would depict marihuana/marijuana be displayed on a sign or any part of the building.
Windows shall remain free and clear of all advertising.”

   •   The Michigan Marihuana Regulatory Agency has recently changed their name to the
       Cannabis Regulatory Agency.

   •   Marihuana is the only industry in the City that has a reduced signage allotment from other

Marihuana Drive-thru’s

   •   Contactless and limited contact transactions, including curbside and drive-thru
       operations, are now allowed by the State with municipal approval.
•   Many of the existing retail stores would not be able to provide drive-thru services
    because of property layouts. Drive-thru’s are not allowed downtown.
•   If drive-thru’s are permitted, they should have requirements for the stacking of cars.

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