Citizens Police Review Board Minutes 08-03-2020

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                                  CITIZEN’S POLICE REVIEW BOARD

Meeting Date:              August 3, 2020

Location:                  Zoom Livestreamed through Facebook due to COVID-19/City Hall Closure

Board Members Present: David Bukala, Faye Redmond, Ann Craig, Josie James, Robert Roundtree,
                       Ron Hayward, William Muhammad

Board Members Absent:       Rozelia Patino, Ruby Clark

Staff Present:             Jackie Hallberg, Staff Liaison

The meeting was called to order at 6:31 p.m., by W. Muhammad. A quorum was present.

Approval of the Previous Minutes
F. Redmond moved to accept the minutes as submitted, seconded by R. Roundtree. F. Redmond
acknowledged a typo that will be corrected. Unanimous support. Motion carried.

Public Participation
Commission K. Johnson thanked the board for their participation and stated that he would like their
feedback and gave his contact information.

Unfinished Business
J. James asked about police department transparency and why they do not get to see the discipline
given when a case is sustained as she states she heard Chief Lewis say the department would be more
transparent with this. D. Bukala and W. Muhammad state they do not remember this discussion. W.
Muhammad states that internal discipline is a private, union discussion. F. Redmond asked if a motion
for clarification or motion to change By-laws was needed. F. Redmond requested a copy of the police
union contract. D. Bukala stated this should be available online. F. Redmond requested the staff
liaison to look into sharing this. R. Roundtree asked if the Police Policy and Procedures would be made
public as well.

New Business
A. Craig asked how long we will need to conduct meetings by Zoom as she had difficulties signing on.
F. Redmond stated she had troubles as well. W. Muhammad stated he is erring on the side of caution
and we will continue to meet virtually as long as it is needed.

R. Roundtree thanked Commissioner Johnson for attending and asked him if he had any expectations
of the board. Commissioner Johnson stated he wants any feedback that should be taken back to the
full board. Commissioner Johnson asked if they felt a Commissioner should be part of this board. R.
Roundtree and J. James agreed; however, W. Muhammad reminded the group that this is supposed to
be an independent citizens board. A. Craig stated that it is a public meeting so they can attend if they
would like but it shouldn’t be required. Commissioner Johnson stated that he appreciates insight on
how the board has evolved.

W. Muhammad reminded everyone that there will be no meeting in September due to the holiday
unless there are actionable items. A. Craig asked what the process is if there is a new complaint before
the next meeting and W. Muhammad stated we would schedule a new meeting date if it arises.

Public Participation
A second public participation session was announced; however, there was no additional public

D. Bukala moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by R. Roundtree and the motion carried
unanimously. The meeting was adjourned at 7:06pm.

The next meeting is Monday, October 5, 2020 at 6:30pm. Location to be determined due to COVID-19.

Respectfully submitted,
Jackie Hallberg, Staff Liaison to the CPRB

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