Citizens Police Review Board Minutes 06-01-2020

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                                   CITIZEN’S POLICE REVIEW BOARD

Meeting Date:               June 1, 2020

Location:                   Conference Call due to COVID-19/City Hall Closure

Board Members Present: David Bukala, Faye Redmond, Ann Craig, Josie James, Rozelia Patino, Ron
                       Hayward, William Muhammad

Board Members Absent:       Robert Roundtree, Ruby Clark

Staff Present:              Jackie Hallberg, Staff Liaison

The meeting was called to order at 6:37 p.m., by W. Muhammad. A quorum was present.

Approval of the Previous Minutes
D. Bukala moved to accept the minutes as submitted, seconded by J. James. No additional discussion.
Unanimous support. Motion carried.

Unfinished Business
J. Hallberg reminded members that we did not meet in March due to not having a quorum and that
we did not meet in April or May due to COVID-19.

W. Muhammad stated that he contacted the Grand Rapids Oversite Division City Liaison, Brandon
Davis, but is waiting for a response. W. Muhammad stated that Brandon Davis reports his data directly
to DC.

New Business
Two complaints were reviewed, one that was sustained and one that was exonerated. A. Craig asked if
we would be viewing video of either incident and W. Muhammad stated that videos are only watched
if a case is appealed. F. Redmond asked if we would find out the results of the discipline given to the
sustained case and J. James questioned why the public doesn’t get more details and why we are not
more transparent. D. Bukala stated that police officers have the right to privacy of their personnel
record just like all professions but also stated if it was a criminal issue then more information would
be available for the public.

F. Redmond inquired on whether personnel records are backed up.

J. Hallberg shared that the police department is in the process of accreditation.

J. Hallberg reminded the board that we do not meet in July. A. Craig reminded the board that if we
don’t meet unless a case arises that needs review.
Public Participation
There was no public participation.

A. Craig moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by R. Hayward and the motion carried unanimously.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:14pm.

The next meeting is Monday, August 3rd, 2020 at 6:30pm. Location to be determined due to COVID-

Respectfully submitted,
Jackie Hallberg, Staff Liaison to the CPRB

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