Citizens Police Review Board Minutes 01-07-2013

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       Citizen’s Police Review Board


Board Members Present:                      Minister William C. Muhammad,
                                            Quintan Cooley, Carlos Florez,
                                            David Bukala, Dardinella Hippchen,
                                            Nicholas Archer

Board Members Absent:                       Connie Navarro, Excused
                                            Ann Craig, Excused
                                            Ruby Clark

Staff Present:                              Denny Powers, Staff Liaison

Chairperson William Muhammad called the meeting to order at 6:40 p.m.

Chairperson Muhammad asked if everyone had a chance to read the previous meeting
minutes and if there were any corrections or additions. It was motioned, supported and
passed to approve the minutes as presented.

Old Business

Chairperson William Muhammad noted that our item under old business is
to review suggestions from the previous meeting from the letter from Ms.
Dollie Hippchen.
There was a discussion on each of these items.

On item one (Every year the board needs to review and discuss the CPRB’s
purpose and with each new appointee), there was general agreement on

As far as item two (The board could appoint or elect a member to contact
complainants and review the letter from Mr. Powers, thus informing them of
the CPRB’s Board procedures before hand), it was pointed out by Mr.
Powers that in addition to the certified letter they get, he already calls the
complainant the week prior to the hearing to make sure they have the
hearing on their schedule and they know where to go and to answer any
questions. He pointed out that he could review those other items contained
in the letter with them at that time as well since he will be on the phone with
them anyway. Chairperson William Muhammad noted that he could also
ask at the beginning of each hearing if they read and understood their letter
and if they have any questions. There was a consensus that this was more
than sufficient.

After some discussion on items three through five, there was no consensus
and it was decided those items would have to be handled by motion and

Items three and four were combined into one motion.

Ms. Dardinella Hippchen motioned that the board compile an evaluation
form to be handed to the complainant as part of the procedure for each
hearing and that those forms be analyzed at a subsequent meeting by the

There was no second on this motion and the motion died due to lack of

On item five (Add the Muskegon Police Department’s Mission statement to
those annual reviews and discussion to bring about unity of purpose.) the
Chair entertained a motion. No motion was made.

Chairperson William Muhammad thanked Ms. Hippchen for leaving her
mark and for all the work she has put in as a board member. Other board
members also thanked her for her service.
Ms. Hippchen stated that she has never had a set side going into any case
and that in some cases she sided against the officer’s behavior and in some
cases she sided with the officer and voiced to the complainant what she has
seen as them not handling correctly.

New Business

Mr. Powers noted to the board that Public Safety Director Lewis wished for them to be
notified that on case 12-09 the disposition would come out past the normal 30 day mark
as he is investigating at this time and is also waiting on a court outcome as well.

Public Participation


The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.

The next meeting is February 4, 2013 at 6:30 p.m. in room 103 of Muskegon City Hall.

Respectfully submitted,
Denny Powers
Denny Powers, Staff Liaison to the CPRB

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