City Commission Minutes 10-12-2021

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          OCTOBER 12, 2021 @ 5:30 P.M.

The Regular Commission Meeting of the City of Muskegon was held at City Hall,
933 Terrace Street, Muskegon, MI at 5:30 p.m., Tuesday, October 12, 2021, Pastor
Tara Foreman, Bethany Church, opened the meeting with a prayer, after which
the Commission and public recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
Present:    Mayor Stephen J. Gawron, Vice Mayor Eric Hood, Commissioners
Ken Johnson, Dan Rinsema-Sybenga, Willie German, Jr., Michael Ramsey, and
Teresa Emory, Acting City Manager LeighAnn Mikesell, City Attorney Chris Kelly,
and City Clerk Ann Meisch.
PUBLIC COMMENT ON AGENDA ITEMS:             Public comments were received.
2021-92      CONSENT AGENDA:
  A. Approval of Minutes       City Clerk
SUMMARY OF REQUEST: To approve the minutes of the September 13, 2021
Worksession, the September 14, 2021 Regular Meeting, and the September 28,
2021 Regular Meeting.
STAFF RECOMMENDATION:          To approve the minutes.
  B.   Purchase Vacant Property – 209 Merrill         Planning
SUMMARY OF REQUEST: City staff is seeking authorization to purchase land at
209 Merrill from the State Land Bank Authority. The City is seeking to purchase
the vacant land at 209 Merrill from the State Land Bank Authority and has
offered $500 for the purchase price to construct a single-family home on. The
estimated cost to construct the home is $250,000. The State sent paperwork
stating that the base price starts at $1,500 as a minimum acceptable offer and
$100 to process the deed.
AMOUNT REQUESTED:        $500 with option to negotiate.
FUND OR ACCOUNT:         Public Improvement
STAFF RECOMMENDATION:          Authorize the City Manger to negotiate the
purchase price if the State does not accept the $500 offer and to authorize the

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Code Coordinator to complete the purchase of 209 Merrill Avenue, as
described in the documents and to have the Mayor and Clerk sign the
  C. Muskegon Area Sports Hall of Fame Lease Arena
SUMMARY OF REQUEST: The Muskegon Area Sports Hall of Fame is formally
leasing space inside the arena to display sports memorabilia and other sports-
related items.
The Muskegon Area Sports Hall of Fame was located inside the arena for many
years. During the most recent major renovation, the display was displaced. This
lease will re-establish the Hall of Fame inside the arena for the next 5 years. The
display wall be mounted on the walls inside the hallway nearest to the
convention center.
The lease amount is $10 per year, the lease also allows a discounted $500 rental
one time per year to hold a Hall of Fame banquet. The City has pledged up to
$10,000 to help complete the build out.
The completed display will be a stunning first-impression to visitors of the arena.
AMOUNT REQUESTED:         $10,000             AMOUNT BUDGETED:          $10,000
FUND OR ACCOUNT:          254
STAFF RECOMMENDATION:           Approval of the lease.
  D. Buekema Playground – REVISION            Public Works
SUMMARY OF REQUEST: Staff is seeking approval for additional funding related to
the playground replacement oat Beukema Park.
At the August 24, 2021 meeting the Commission voted to allocate $165,000
towards replacement of the playground equipment at Beukema Park. This was
intended to cover the cost of the equipment and installation ($122,639.00) plus
an allowance up to $165,000 in total to revise the design to include ramped
access and accessible surfacing as mentioned in the public comments during
the selection.
After reviewing the proposed changes with American Athletix it was determined
that there was no method for American Athletix to accomplish the requested
changes within the allocated budget. After several iterations American Athletix
provided the revised proposal for $220,568.25 which included modified play
structures to include ramped access, as well as poured in place trails for the
Staff is comfortable that the revised proposal is appropriate for the site. As
previously discussed we are targeting to spend approximately $900K between
Reese & Beukema parks which is drawn from the Beach Parking revenue. The
contract for equipment at Reese has been signed in the amount of $364,600.00

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bringing to total to date to $585,168.25.
AMOUNT REQUESTED:                               AMOUNT BUDGETED:
$220,569.25 TOTAL                               $0
$55,568.25 INCREASE OVER ORIGINAL            $900K To be included in Q1 Reforecast
FUND OR ACCOUNT:         101
STAFF RECOMMENDATION:          Authorize staff to accept the revised proposal
from American Athletix in the amount of $220,568.25 for the new playground
structure at Beukema Park.
Motion by Commissioner Johnson, second by Commissioner German, to accept
the consent agenda as presented minus item E.
ROLL VOTE: Ayes: Rinsema-Sybenga, Emory, Johnson, Gawron, Hood, Ramsey,
           and German
            Nays: None
  E.   Ride Muskegon Operating Agreement                  City Manager
SUMMARY OF REQUEST: City staff has developed an operating agreement with
Ride Muskegon, LLC to operate a scooter rental business in the City. The business
will utilize a cellular phone application to unlock electric scooters for customers
to access. Scooters will have designated pick up and drop off locations, and will
not be permitted to be abandoned in non-approved areas.
Staff is recommending approval of the operating agreement. Ride Muskegon,
LLC is locally owned and operated. To our knowledge, Ride Muskegon, LLC is
the only such company located in the city limits. The operating agreement
ensures that Ride Muskegon, LLC and its customers follow the rules and
regulations as assigned by the City of Muskegon, and also ensures that the City
of Muskegon will not rent similar space to new competitor companies during the
operating period.
STAFF RECOMMENDAITON:           Approve the operating agreement and authorize
the City Manager to sign.
Motion by Commissioner Emory, second by Commissioner Rinsema-Sybenga, to
approve the operating agreement and authorize the City Manager to sign.
Motion by Commissioner Emory, second by Commissioner German, to amend
the motion and remove “sidewalk” from G & H under the recitals in the
Motion by Commissioner Ramsey, second by Commissioner Johnson, to table
this item.

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ROLL VOTE: Ayes: Ramsey, Rinsema-Sybenga, Emory, and Johnson
            Nays: Gawron, Hood, and German
2021-94     NEW BUSINESS:
  A. West Urban Properties PILOT Agreement Progress Report and Phase II
     Authorization    City Manager
SUMMARY OF REQUEST: Dave Dusendang with West Urban Properties has
prepared a progress report on the first phase of the City’s PILOT rental unit
development agreement with his firm. He is requesting authorization to proceed
with the second phase of the agreement, which includes 25 additional rental
Mr. Dusendang has prepared a report that illustrates the current construction
progress, lease-up status, and percent of Muskegon County AMI each unit’s
occupier represents. For the sake of privacy, the incomes are anonymized and
the addresses are not printed with the associated household. West Urban is
proposing to continue the arrangement as described in the original agreement
by proceeding with 25 additional builds on pre-approved city owned lots.
STAFF RECOMMENDATION:           To authorize West Urban Properties to proceed
with construction of an additional 25 housing units on pre-approved city owned
lots pursuant to the PILOT agreement.
Motion by Commissioner Rinsema-Sybenga, second by Commissioner German,
to authorize West Urban Properties to proceed with construction of an additional
25 housing units on pre-approved city owned lots pursuant to the PILOT
ROLL VOTE: Ayes: Hood, Ramsey, German, Rinsema-Sybenga, Emory, Johnson,
           and Gawron
            Nays: None
ANY OTHER BUSINESS:   Commissioner Ramsey had requested an update on
the Watermark. An update was provided by Jake Eckholm.
PUBLIC COMMENT ON NON-AGENDA ITEMS:                   Public Comments were
ADJOURNMENT: The City Commission meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.
                                            Respectfully Submitted,

                                            Ann Marie Meisch, MMC – City Clerk

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