Utility Fees and Charges / Water and Sewer Charges

Effective July 1, 2020, water is $1.98 per 100 cubic feet for both city residential and commercial customers.

Effective January 1, 2021, sewer is $5.22 per 100 cubic feet for residential and $6.53 per 100 cubic feet for commercial and industrial customers.

Effective July 1, 2019, a $2.50 sanitation fee will be added to each residential utility bill. This fee is to help cover garbage and leaf disposal costs.

Effective July 1, 2020, a $5.00 lead service line replacement fee will be added to all water accounts. This fee is to help cover the cost of replacing all water lines as required by the State of Michigan.

Residential and commercial/industrial customers pay a $3.00 monthly fee for sewer administration.

There are other charges to be aware of:
Turn on charge (after hours) $100
Water-Sewer turn on charge (regular hours) $40
Water-Sewer turn on charge (seasonal use) $25

Billing Codes

The codes below are used to designate the type of charge for each line item on your monthly bill.

PB:         Prior Balance

LS:          Lead Service Line Replacement Fee

SA:         Sewer Administration

SN:         Sanitation Fee

SU:         Sewer Usage Fee

CW:        Water Usage Fee

FS:          Fire Line Flat Fee

GS:         Additional Garbage Toter Fee

TO:         Shutoff Fee Due to Non-Payment

RF:          Returned Check/Non-sufficient Funds Fee

AP:         Autopay (Credit)

EB:          Electronic Bill (Credit)

Late Charge

A penalty of 10% of the current charges for water and sewer will be added to any bill paid after the due date.

Emergency Services

Emergency services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. To request emergency water/sewer services due to a meter leak, water main break, or fire hydrant leak, call (231) 724-4100 during normal business hours. After 4:30 p.m. or on weekends and holidays, please call (231) 737-2680.

Water Service Installation (Tap)

The Public Works Department makes taps to the water and sewer systems. Fees must be paid at the Treasurer’s Office before the tap can be made. The Public Works Department requires a minimum of three days notice for Miss Dig to schedule a tap. The tap fee for a residential service 5/8″ meter is $1,200 for water and $1,200 for sewer. Please contact the Department of Public Works at (231) 724-4100 for cost estimates for all commercial inquires and meters over 5/8″. For new development construction and commercial sites, the charges will be billed based on time and material cost plus 25% for overhead for work performed.


Unauthorized use of the water system is subject to a minimum fine of $200. This includes, but is not limited to, unauthorized turn- on/off water at main value and un-metered water use ($20 PER DAY).

Leak Adjustments

The City of Muskegon Resolution No. 95-030 (d), Section 4.0 was adopted to promote water conservation by encouraging customers to promptly fix leaks and plumbing problems and to establish guidelines that provide fair and consistent treatment of residential water/sewer customers requesting leak adjustments. Leak adjustments are for residential water/sewer customers only. No more that one leak adjustment will be allowed in any two (2) year period and no more than two (2) consecutive billing quarters will be adjusted. The request must be made within 30 days of the due date for the billing period initially involved and must be have the following documentation:

1. A written statement from the customer describing the nature of the problem, date the repairs were completed, and copies of the paid receipts for services and/or supplies.
2. Current reading (at the time of the request) from the meter to be furnished by the customer.

Leak adjustments are based on the metered water usage experienced during the leak period compared with the same time of the previous year.  Leak adjustments may be granted after repairs are made and will be made only if usage is demonstrably reduced.  If lost water entered the sanitary sewer system (leaky toilet, kitchen faucet, ect.), leak adjustments to customer’s water and sewer bill will equal 25% of the estimated loss for no more than two (2) billing periods. If lost water did not enter the sanitary sewer system (leaks in crawl space or into ground), water charges will be adjusted 25% of the estimated loss for no more than two billing periods and sewer charges will be adjusted to normal usage based on prior year’s usage patterns.

Tenant Payment Affidavits

The City of Muskegon Resolution No. 95-030 (d), Section 6.0 provides the following:

6.1 Affidavits filed with the City pursuant to MCL 123.165 shall include the date filed, the expiration date of the lease, and have attached to them a fully executed, true and exact copy of the lease, containing the required statutory language requiring the tenant to pay the water and sewer charges. The affidavit shall quote and refer to the language in the lease, and contain a certification by the owner that the lease is in full force and effect on the date of filling and further the statement, signed by the owner, that alteration of the lease shall be immediately communicated to the City of Muskegon as required by state statute.

The affidavits are only valid for the duration of the lease. On average, a lease is usually for 12 months (one year). The tenant is required to pay a deposit of $300 when the tenant comes into the Water/Sewer Billing Department to sign on for service pursuant to section 6.2 of Resolution No. 95-030 (d).