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The responsibilities of the Water Billing Department include providing water and sewer service and processing billing for residential and business customers in the City of Muskegon. The Water Billing Department works closely with the Department of Public Works in processing applications for the following services:

  • Water and sewer tap connections/hookup for all new constructions.
  • Create new accounts.
  • Turn on/ turn off water and sewer services
  • Name/Mailing changes
  • Delivery of new, extra and replacement garbage totes.
  • Deposits and refunds for specific rental properties
  • Leak adjustments

The Water Billing Department is located just inside the front entrance of City Hall where customer service staff await to provide courteous service and assist you with questions on billing, water/sewer rates, account history and balances. If you have any questions please call us at 231 724-6718.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I have a water emergency?
If you have an emergency situation, you should contact the Water Maintenance Department at 724-4100. After regular working hours, you should call 737-2680.

How is the amount of my bill determined?

Water and sewer service is billed on the basis of actual usage as measured by your water meter. For most residential customers, once each month a city meter reader is able to obtain a current water meter reading electronically. By taking this reading and subtracting the meter reading from the previous month, we are able to determine how much water was consumed for the period. Most of the city’s water meters register water usage in hundreds of cubic feet. Each unit of measure is equal to 748 gallons of water (or about 15 full bathtubs). The current cost for each unit of water used is $1.90 (or about $0.13 for a full bathtub). Sewer service for residential customers is also charged on the basis of metered water use at a rate of $5.22 per hundred cubic feet. Additionally, there is a fixed “sewer administration” charge included in your bill that does not change with usage.

When and why is my water shut off?
While the City of Muskegon is authorized to shut off water service for any delinquent bill, the City normally may shut off water and sewer service if the charges to the premises or the meter in question are delinquent in the amount of fifty ($50.00) dollars or more after a shut off notice has been issued to the customer of record.

Why am I billed sewer charges on lawn sprinkling water?
Until 1992, bills for summer months were automatically adjusted to ensure that sewer charges remained approximately the same as the previous winter months. In this way, residents did not pay sewer charges for much of their summer water use. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources has since determined that this type of summer bill adjustment is not permitted, and that users must pay sewer charges on all water uses.

How do our rates compare to other Michigan communities?
According to a 1994 survey of 234 Michigan communities conducted by David M. Griffith Associates for the Michigan Municipal League, more than 90% of the surveyed communities had higher water charges for typical residential households. More than seventy percent of the communities had sewer charges higher than Muskegon’s. Since the time the survey was conducted, water rates in Muskegon have increased. However, even at the new higher rates, Muskegon’s water charges are lower than 75% of the surveyed communities.
(Comparison Report)

How is the money collected from water/sewer bills used?
Money collected from water and sewer fees is accounted for separately from other city funds and is used only for the operation, maintenance, and capital replacement needs of the water and sewer systems. The city’s water and sewer systems are each operated as self-sufficient entities supported only by the fees paid by users and not by general tax dollars.

Why does my past due amount on my bill show a larger amount when I was just down there and paid it?
Your bill was probably updated and printed before your recent payment. Please note the service and billing dates on your bill.

I just bought a home and I need to get the water in my name what do I need to do?
You need to sign an application for service form located at the City of Muskegon Water Sewer Billing Department. We will require documented proof of ownership and a picture I.D. We will need to schedule a final reading for the next available day. We cannot schedule same day reads. If the old owner has signed off for service we will have to schedule a final read and turn water on. We schedule to turn on water in 3 – hour blocks. Either 8-11am or 12-3pm. Someone does have to be at the address that is getting water turned on.

My water is off in the apartment or rental house I moved into and I would like to have it on in my name what do I need to do?
There are a limited number of landlords in the City of Muskegon who file “tenant affidavits” which require a $300.00 deposit to be paid, along with a signed water affidavit, and a copy of the lease. These items must be brought to the City of Muskegon water/sewer billing department where an application for service must be filled out at that time. Once all these procedures are complete we can schedule a final reading and turn water on in the tenant’s name. We schedule water turn on requests in 3-hour blocks (either from 8-11 a.m. or 12-3 p.m.). Someone has to be at the address that is getting water turned on. If you are moving into an apartment or rental house that does not require the deposit, affidavit, and lease, then, you must have permission from the landlord to sign on for service. The landlord will need to sign for permission on an application for service located at the City of Muskegon water/sewer billing department and bring any past due water/sewer charges for the address up to date. We will also need to see the landlord’s picture I.D. Once the landlord has signed on permission for the tenant, then the tenant can sign on for service.

My water pressure is low who do I need to call to have it checked?
Contact the Department of Public Works at (231) 724-4100

How can I determine if I have a water leak?
Many water leaks are obvious: dripping faucets, leaking pipes, leaking hot water tanks, or stuck relief valves on hot water tanks and boilers. These leaks should be fixed as soon as possible since even a slow dripping faucet can waste large amounts of water in a very short time. Concealed leaks in walls or ceilings can be detected by the presence of water or stains on walls or on the floor of the basement. The most common location of water leaks is the toilet. Defective ball cock valves or poorly fitting seals will allow water to continually flow from the tank into the toilet bowl. Very often this type of leak cannot be noticed by the naked eye. Placing a few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank can help you detect leaks. Let the water sit for several hours without flushing. If the water in the toilet bowl becomes tinted, the toilet is leaking. If you suspect you have a water leak but are unable to detect it on your own, you can request assistance from the city’s Water Maintenance Department. To schedule a leak inspection appointment, you should call 726-4786. There is no charge for this service.

Can I get relief for bills due to plumbing leaks?
Yes. It is the city’s policy to allow adjustments for 25% of the water loss occurring over two billing periods caused by a leak that has since been repaired. The leak adjustment is calculated by subtracting total projected water use for the two billing periods immediately after leak repairs are made from the total usage in the two periods prior to repairs and dividing the difference by four. A special meter reading is taken approximately one month after the adjustment request and is the basis for projecting usage. Copies of receipts for repair materials and/or professional plumbing services together with the current inside water meter reading must be provided when requesting a leak adjustment. No more than one leak adjustment is allowed per household in any two-year period.  Note: If your property does not have a readily accessible inside water meter, you should contact the city for assistance in obtaining a meter reading.

I don’t think my meter is working right who do I call to have it fixed?
Contact the Department of Public Works at (231) 724-4100

I am a snowbird can I get my water on?
If you have already paid your $25.00 water turn off/on fee, you can call ahead of time to schedule to have your water turned on. We will do a work order for the water to get turned on. We will schedule a 3-hour block either from 8-11 or 12-3. Someone does have to be at the address that is getting water turned on.

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