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Access Property Lien Lookup

Property Tax Look Up Letter

The City of Muskegon has set up a Property Lien Lookup website that searches for outstanding debt that is owed to the city by parcel number.

Rental registration and housing fees are included in the data.

This online tool provides a summary of all known outstanding balances for the requested parcel number within seconds.

All paid inquiries are stored on our website and can be accessed for at least 60 days.

Information included on the website:

  • Current year property taxes
  • Invoices for lot mowing
  • Invoices for lot clean up/trash removal
  • Invoices for demolitions
  • Water/Sewer utility balances
  • Special assessments
  • Delinquent personal or specific property taxes
  • Rental registration
  • Vacant Building Registration Invoice Fees

Effective January 4, 2010, there will be a $20.00 charge per parcel number to use the property tax lien website.

If you want additional copies of invoices or additional data that was not provided on the website summary please contact our office. There will be a minimum charge of $5.00 that has to be prepaid by credit card before your additional request(s) is/are processed.

If you do not wish to use our new website you can still use our fax request service (231) 724-6768. The Treasurers’ Office charge for manual requests will be $35.00 per parcel. The $35.00 fee must be paid upfront by credit card before we process your request. The City of Muskegon will no longer invoice for this service.

Thank you,
City of Muskegon
Treasurer’s Office
(231) 724-6720