Curbside Yard Waste Collection Policy

Mid-April – November 30th (Weather Permitting)

Containers: Grass or leaves must be in:

Paper yard bags – no plastic bags (they will not be picked up). These bags can be purchased at local retail stores.


Rigid 30 gallon containers labeled “Yard Waste”. There is a 30 lb. limit per container.

Brush & Trimmings:

  • Bundle in 4-foot lengths for collection.
  • No limbs larger than 4-inches in diameter
  • Bundle with twine or rope – no wire (it gets caught in the chipper)
  • 30 lb. limit per bundle.

Note: Sunset will run a separate truck for yard waste.

You may get next day pick-up in peak times because of volume (you may leave the properly bagged yard waste at curbside until picked up)

Other Guidelines

Do not rake leaves into the street, gutter or alleys, because it clogs storm drainage, makes a huge mess when plows go through and just pushes the waste somewhere else.

Please do not set out the garbage until the night before pick up.


Contact the Department of Public Works 724-4100.

For large volume or trees that have been cut or have fallen down, contact the
Department of Public Works.