Planning and Zoning

  1. Planning and Zoning Application
  2. HBA Appeal
  3. Renaissance Zone Certification Application
  4. Review Standards for Variances and Use Variances
  5. Development Permit Application
  6. Site Plan Review Information and Checklist
  7. Zoning Ordinance
  8. Zoning Map
  9. Planning Commission Minutes and Agenda
  10. Film and Music Events Permit Application

Lot Division – New Address Forms

  1. Lot Split Application
  2. Request to Assign or Revise Street Address
  3. Land Division Tax Payment Certification Form
  4. Right of Way Permit Application
  5. Land Combination Form

Vacant Building Registration Program

  1. Vacant Building Registration Form
  2. Vacant Building Status Change Form
  3. Vacant Building Moratorium/Appeal Form

Historic District

  1. Historic Preservation Guidelines
  2. Historic District Commission Application Form

Groundwater Contamination Sites

  1. Petition To Designate Affected Premises Under Water Supplies Ordinance
  2. City Commission Approved Contamination Sites
  3. Contamination North
  4. West of Seaway Contamination
  5. East of Seaway Contamination


  1. Application for Inclusion in the Muskegon Brownfield Plan
  2. Application for Obsolete Property Rehabilitation Exemption
  3. Application for Industrial Facilities Tax Exemption
  4. Renaissance Zone Certification Application
  5. Social Equity Grant Application