The purpose of the City of Muskegon Brownfield Redevelopment Authority is to provide financial incentives for economic development projects within the City of Muskegon where environmental contamination, blight, or functional obsolescence create an impediment to redevelopment of property.

Inclusion of a project in the Muskegon Brownfield Plan can result in certain eligible activities being financed through tax increment financing, or through providing the developer, business owner, and/or lessee with an opportunity to earn a Michigan Single Business Tax credit based on the investment in the property. Below are links to applications and other sources of information on brownfields.

DDA Informational Electronic Meeting Notice 10-13-20

Muskegon Downtown Development Authority approved mission statement February 2019

Strategic Plan for the Muskegon Downtown Development Authority

Application for Inclusion in the Muskegon Brownfield Plan

Brownfield Redevelopment Brochure

Brownfield Redevelopment Factsheet

Downtown Development Authority Minutes and Agendas

Budget (Pages 41-42)

2019 Audit (Pages 44-46)

Lease agreement DDA and the Muskegon Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce

DDA and Muskegon Business Improvement District for staff services

DDA and strategic plan facilitation with Velarde Marketing

DDA/downtown annual report from 2019

A list of 2020 DDA accomplishments/expenditures

List of 2019 DDA downtown events

Promotional efforts of the DDA and Muskegon Business Improvement District

Foundry Square Brownfield Plan Amendment

DDA stakeholder 2020 update October

Act 57 Plans

TIFA 1 Plan
Downtown Development Plan & TIF Plan
LDFA Smartzone TIFA Plan (TIFA III)


Staff Liaison – Dave Alexander/Peter Wills

A Jay Wallace 1/31/23
A Michael Kleaveland*** 1/31/24
A Don Kalisz 1/31/21
A Mike Johnson, Sr. 1/31/21
A Heidi Sytsema 1/31/22
A Brad Hastings** 1/31/23
A Francena DePung 1/31/23
B Doug Pollock 1/31/23
B Martha Bottomley* 1/31/23
B Sherri Black 1/31/24
B Jeanette Moore 1/31/22
C John E. Riegler 1/31/22
D Franklin Peterson Manager

(* Chairperson) (**Vice Chair) (***Secretary)


A 5 Members must have an interest in the property in the district

B 4 Citizens

C 1 Resident of the district

D 1 City Manager

Downtown Development Authority staff contact:
Dave Alexander
City of Muskegon Business Development Manager
380 W. Western Ave. Suite 202
Muskegon, MI 49440



Brownfield Redevelopment Authority staff contact:

Peter Wills

City of Muskegon Director of Strategic Initiatives

933 Terrace

Muskegon, MI 49440