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Involves both long and short term community planning, including specific projects such as Waterfront Development, Cross-Lake Muskegon-Milwaukee Ferry, Downtown Revitalization, Shoreline Drive Extension, Bike Path/Trail, Historic Preservation, Getty Street Improvements and specialized studies such as Heritage Village. This section is responsible for the constant oversight of the Master Plan and regularly updates community vision and goals.

Starting a Business

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Sheds and Garages


Driveways & Paved Parking Areas

Rental Housing Study

Master Plan Workshops

Zoning and Land Use

Implements the zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations, growth management, and site-specific designs. This involves regular contact with the general public on a daily basis. Furthermore, it involves environmental inspection, processing of applications for variance, special use permits, site plan reviews, and other development issues. This section is also responsible for the administration of the groundwater ordinance, regulation of flood plain areas, and the development and management of computerized maps.

Economic Development

The economic development initiative has the goal of strengthening the economic vitality of the City. This section develops marketing strategies, facilitates business creation and retention, communicates with existing businesses, promotes certification of industrial sites, and assists the redevelopment of brownfields. They also work with programs such as the Smartzone, Renaissance Zone, Capital Improvement Grants, and Foreign Trade Zones.


Final Report – 1995 Muskegon Shoreline SAF Projects
Final Report – 2004 Muskegon EA SAF Projects
Planning Commission Annual Report

Planning Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals

Planning and Zoning Application
Review Standards for Variances and Use Variances
Planning Commission Meeting Agenda
Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting Minutes/Agendas
Site Plan Review Information and Checklist
2022 Meeting Dates and Application Deadlines

Planning Commission Packets

Zoning Ordinance
Zoning Map

Groundwater Contamination Sites
City Commission Approved Contamination Sites
Contamination North
West of Seaway Contamination
East of Seaway Contamination

Mayors’ Institute on City Design

A community-oriented consulting approach used to provide recommendations for enhancing equity investments, land use planning, economic development, and community building options in the Jackson Hill neighborhood, based on data, interviews, and comparable case examples. Learn more

The Planning Department is managed by:
Jake Eckholm, Director of Economic Development
933 Terrace Street
Muskegon, MI 49443
Phone Number: (231) 724-6702
Fax Number: (231) 724-6790

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