Hackley Park MuskegonThis National Historic Designated Park is a formally designed park dedicated to the memory of Civil War veterans, presented to the City in 1890 by Charles H. Hackley.

Its focal point is an eighty-foot tall soldier’s monument in the center of the park. Statues of Farragut, Sherman, Grant and Lincoln grace the corners of the park. The park creates a strong visual image upon entering the downtown area and provides visual and physical relief from the urban environment.

It is often used to host various ceremonies, rallies, and concerts, and annually hosts the Lakeshore Art Festival and Parties-in-the-Park in summer months. The park is beautifully decorated for the Christmas season and hosts a Lighting of the Tree festivity. The proximity to Heritage Village, the County Museum, Hackley Library, and the Art Museum add to its value to the City.

Location: City block bounded by Webster and Clay and Third and Fourth Streets (Downtown). Land Area: 2.3 acres – 350 W. Webster Ave.

map hackley park