Emails, Phone Numbers, and a list of City Departments are located further down this page.

Muskegon City Hall is located at 933 Terrace Street, Muskegon MI, 49443

Map of Muskegon City Hall

Listed below are all the Departments you’ll find at the City of Muskegon with each placed under its managing Division with the associated phone number. The Manager’s Office oversees each of the Five Divisions and each Division is responsible for the individual departments listed below that division.

City Manager: The City Manager’s Office provides centralized direction and leadership for the effective administration and operations of all municipal services for the City of Muskegon as directed by the City Council and serves as the focal point for the management of the City staff agencies.

The City Manager’s Office prepares and submits to the City Council a balanced plan of municipal services in adherence with the policy goals and objectives established by the City Council while employing such managerial techniques as needed to assure efficient and effective utilization of the City’s resources.

Besides the Five Divisions reporting to the City Manager, there are three Departments that also report to the Manager; they are:

  • Affirmative Action: Responsible for the effective implementation of the City’s Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity policies.
  • Civil Service: Applicant recruitment and testing to fill the vacancies that occur within the City’s workforce.
  • City Clerk: Serves as the Public Relations person for the City, attends and records all meetings of the City Commission, management and preservation of the official records and ballot preparation and management.

Finance Division: This division manages the City’s cash flow, debt portfolio, financial reporting, vendor payments, employee payroll/benefits and risk insurance activities. Finance also manages all benefits, such as medical, dental and related benefit programs for all eligible City of Muskegon employees, annuitants and their eligible dependents. Finance oversees the following departments:

  • Information Technology: Acts as a city-wide coordination point for driving business improvement by assisting city departments in redesigning business operations, translating business needs into technology solutions and implementing those solutions.
  • Income Tax: Responsible for the collection of taxes owed to the City, processing of income tax returns
  • Treasurer: Performs property tax collection, accounts receivable billing and handles cash receipts management
  • Leisure services: Provides recreational activities and set up for special events.
  • Assessing / County Equalization
  • L.C. Walker Arena

Economic Development: Responsible for the long and short term community planning while strengthening the economic vitality of the City of Muskegon. This Division is responsible for these departments:

  • Environmental Inspections: Responsible for blight fight, neglected business properties, beautification efforts.
  • Community and Neighborhood Services: Administers Community Development Block Grant and HOME Funds received by from HUD (Housing and Urban Development)
  • Leisure services: Provides recreational activities and set up for special events.

Public Works:

Cemetery: Responsible for the maintenance of Restlawn, Lakeside, Oakwood and Evergreen Cemeteries.

Engineering: responsible for all activities within the public right-of-way including capital improvement projects

Farmers Market: Allows local farmers to bring the best in seasonal fruit and vegetables to the market for sale.

Forestry: Maintains all the trees on the City of Muskegon terraces and on public property including Cemeteries and Parks

City Hall Maintenance
Parks and Park Maintenance
Water Filtration

Although there is a page for each Department with contact information for that department, below is a quick list of phone number for each.

Phone Numbers for each Department (231 Area Code):

Affirmative Action: 231-724-6703
Arson Control: 1-800-44-ARSON
Assessing Office (Assessor) (A County Function): 231-724-6386
Cemetery: 231-724-6783
Civil Service (Employment, Human Resources): 231-724-6716
Clerk’s Office: 231-724-6705
Community & Neighborhood Services: 231-724-6717
Community Officers: 231-724-6739
Engineering: 231-724-6707
Environmental Inspectors: 231-724-6702
Finance: 231-724-6713
Fire Department: 231-724-6792 Emergency Dial 911
Forestry: 231-724-6783
Income Tax: 231-724-6770
Information Technology: 231-724-4126
Inspection Services: 231-724-6715
Manager’s Office: 231-724-6724
Mayor’s Office: 231-724-6701
Planning, Zoning & Economic Development: 231-724-6702
Police: 231-724-6750 Emergency Dial 911
Public Works: 231-724-4100
Silent Observer: 231-722-7463
Treasurer: 231-724-6720
Waste/Garbage Pickup: 231-724-4100
Water/Sewer Billing: 231-724-6718

Department and Division Head Email Addresses:

  •, Interim City Manager
  •, City Clerks Office
  •, City Treasurer
  •, Finance Director
  •, Income Tax
  •, Affirmative Action
  •, Public Safety
  •, CNS
  •, Public Works/Engineering
  •, Information Technology Director

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