Counterfeit 100 Bill Warning!

The Muskegon Police department would like to make employees and citizens aware of counterfeit 100 bills that may come your way; this bill has turned up in two recent complaints in Muskegon. We have included a picture below so that you may get an idea of what the bill looks like.
Note: Click on the picture for a high resolution image.

Counterfeit 100 Bill Warning

The two $100 bills we have received are actually bleached $5 bills with a $100 image printed on top. The two bills we received contained serial #FH20916900A; although the two bills happen to have identical numbers, it does not mean that all counterfeit bills have this number.

Even though the bill was bleached, it still passes the marker test. The best way to spot these fake bills are by holding it up to the light and looking at the watermark. A $100 bill has Benjamin Franklin on the face and in the watermark, but with the fake bill, you’ll see Franklin on the face, but the watermark is of Abraham Lincoln, which is found on the $5 bill.

Another dead give away is that the security thread reads FIVE rather than HUNDRED. You will also notice in the example above that the image is low quality and that the print may be hard to read.

Should you come across such a counterfeit, please preserve the bill for prints if possible and record any other information you feel might help us catch the offender(s).

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Thank You.

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  1. Liz says:

    Thank you for explaining to me what they are doing. Unfortunately I was given one of these bills. I was not aware. The employee who took the bill said it had passed the marker test and also had the face in the corner.

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