House Moving Permit Guidelines. These guidelines are intended to clarify the procedures, policies and requirements for contractors, developers, property owners and other for the movement of a building within the City of Muskegon.

Advance planning is the key to an uncomplicated move. Notice to public utilities and to the city should occur six weeks prior to the planned move date.

Application for a building moving permit originates at the Neighborhood and Construction Services Department at City Hall. If the structure is to be moved from one site to another within the city, it must be checked by the Neighborhood and Construction Services Department for building code conformance. The building must be compatible with other structures in the area to which it is being moved. A separate permit will be required for the placement at the new site.

Applications for a moving permit shall be accompanied by a permit fee, which is as follows:

$500 for a dwelling or commercial building
$200 for a garage

Proof of insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 must be presented by contractor prior to commencement of the move. The City must be named as a co- insured, and the binder shall not contain any exclusions. Additionally, a performance bond of $1,000 shall be deposited with the City Treasurer in the form of cash or a cashiers check. The bond will be refunded upon payment of all costs to the City including costs arising from escort by both Police and Department of Public Works personnel. All other incidental city costs resulting from the move, including signage replacement or cleanup , will be assessed prior to the return of the bond.

It is required that public utilities (Consumers, GTE, Michcon, Cable TV) accompany the move, and it is the responsibility of the mover to notify the utility companies, preferably six weeks in advance of the planned move. Arrangements must be made with the City Water and Sewer Department, as well as the public utilities, for the discontinuance of service. A moving permit will not be approved if any water or waste bills are due.

The moving route should be the most direct possible; however , consideration must be given to traffic movement and the existing streetscape, and the minimization of tree branch cutting. The roadway selected must be capable of supporting the axle load. If the move requires the use, or crossing of, a State highway , a permit must also be obtained from the State, and a minimum of six weeks is required for such permit. The State will not permit use of its roadways on either Mondays, Fridays, weekends or holidays. Five working days are required for route approval.

Prior to filling any excavation, basement or crawl space, the sewer and water service lines must be properly capped at the service shut -off. The sewer may be capped at the excavation using concrete as the cap. The foundation must be removed at least 24 inches below grade. Basement floors must be broken to allow draining of the fill area. The concrete blocks, or other debris must be removed prior to filling .The site must be seeded with a fast growing grass seed.

The Neighborhood and Construction Services Department will notify the departments of Planning, Engineering, Public Works, Police and Fire. Such departments will review the permit , and any concerns involving the proposed move will be communicated to the Neighborhood and Construction Services Department within ten (10) days, including:

  • capacity of the pavement to carry the load per axle
  • required tree trimming
  • the width of the right – of- way
  • any other issues which may affect the free movement of the structure on the street
  • special conditions which may exist should be included in the report.

Route cleanup shall be completed on the day of the move.

Neighborhood and Construction Services Department
City Hall
933 Terrace Street
Muskegon, MI 49443
Phone (231) 724-6718