Fence Placement

Fences (PDF)

Development Permit Application Note: If page one prints with lines covering the page save and print the PDF using Adobe Reader.

  • You need a Development Permit in order to erect a fence.
  • Fences may be placed on the property line. However, make sure to determine exactly where the property line is located in order to avoid conflicts with neighbors. The City knows the dimensions of all lots, but not precisely where the lot lines are located. Lot lines must be located by a surveyor.Fences must be out of the road right-of-way. If unsure, a good rule-of-thumb is 1-½ feet from the sidewalk.
  • Fences may not block the “triangle of vision” at alleys, driveways or corners, 25 feet back from property lines*. Chain link or short picket fences may be permitted in this area. Consult the Zoning Administrator.
  • Fences located against alleys should have a gate for emergency access.

Fence Type

  • No razor or barbed wire fences are allowed within the City of Muskegon.
  • Picket or stockade fencing in the front of the property cannot be higher than 3 feet. Chain link fencing cannot be higher than 4 feet.
  • Fencing located behind the front building line cannot be higher than 6 feet. Stockade fencing is allowed.

Special Notes

  • Corner lots should be looked at by the Zoning Administrator on a case-by-case basis.
  • Fences on lots located in a Historic District must be approved by the Historic District Commission.
  • For stockade fences, we encourage (but don’t require) you to put the “good” side out. This prevents others from climbing into your yard from the outside and also promotes good relationships between neighbors.

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