Updates to the City’s Master Plan are fairly regular, but the Neighborhood Issues section has been largely unchanged since the last major rewrite in 1997. As this section deals specifically with Muskegon’s 15 neighborhoods, the City of Muskegon Planning Department is hosting public presentations and workshops at Muskegon’s Neighborhood Association meetings (see below schedule link for details). A few big-picture topics to be explored in this update include land use, housing/development, street design, parks & open space, and vacancy & blight.

Just as important as these big-picture themes, often with long-term goals, are potential small-scale projects that could be implemented more quickly. Think of the little things that might not be working for you and your neighbors – Is there a section of sidewalk missing or in poor condition? Do cars drive too fast down a particular street? Should a vacant building be redeveloped for a specific use or a vacant lot be turned into a pocket park? Identifying these issues in the Master Plan will help keep them on the radar and, ideally, get us all – City, Neighborhood Association, and residents – working on a solution.

As these workshops are completed, their presentation slides, maps, and other related content will be shared on this webpage. If you have any questions, comments, or feedback, please submit them via the contact form below, or contact the Planning Department at 724-6702.

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