BID: LC Walker Arena Roofing Retrofit

Contractor’s Bid
City of Muskegon- LC Walker Arena
Roofing Retrofit

To: Ann Meisch
City of Muskegon City Hall
933 Terrace St
Muskegon, MI 49440

Bid Due Date: November 27, 2018 by 1:30pm
Bids are to be submitted to the above address by the time and date listed above. Bids shall be sealed and marked “Bid for Roof Retrofit Project”. Bids received after the Due Date and Time will not be considered.

Pursuant to notices given, the undersigned proposes to furnish all materials and labor necessary to complete the replacement as described below and in strict accordance to the plans and specifications dated 11/8/2018. I, the undersigned, having familiarized myself with the attached Contract Documents do hereby propose to furnish all labor, equipment, materials, drayage, tolls, supervision, etc. and to complete all work as specified in these Documents and Specifications. By my submission of this Bidding Proposal I acknowledge the receipt of the Package containing the following: General Conditions & Requirements, General Instructions to Bidders, Detailed Specifications, Detailed Rooftop Diagrams, and Detailed Specification Drawings. To provide supervision, labor, materials and equipment for roof repairs of the following items, per the attached:

Base Bid: LC Walker Area: 2-ply Torch System with Cold Applied Flashing system

Contractor to remove all gravel from existing BUR. Remove existing wet insulation that was identified in the thermal imaging scan. Any mechanical units or penetrations that are no longer in use shall be removed with openings infilled with metal plate, and the existing roof built up to current height using Polyisocyanurate insulation, recovery board, and a cap sheet installed in cold asphalt. Existing flashings shall be removed from parapet walls and vertical flashings. Once existing roof is prepped, contractor will prime existing BUR substrate with asphalt primer. Once roof is primed, contractor should install a 1/2” primed dens deck directly to existing roof using Millennium 1- step high rise foam adhesive. New roofing system shall consist of HPR Torch base sheet and StressPly IV Mineral cap sheet. New flashing system shall consist of StressBase 80 Base Sheet and Optimax FR Mineral Cap. Flashing system shall be adhered using Flashing Bond. All terminations, counter-flashings, and gravel stops/ copings are to be installed in accordance with ANSI-SPRI ESI with fabricated 22-gauge sheet metal in a prefinished, stock color. All vertical seams will be 3-coursed in using Silver-Flash mastic and GarMesh. If the coping cap on Section 1 can be salvaged, it can be. New flashings on Section 1 shall come up the parapet wall and wrap over the cap. Then the coping cap to be re-installed. Drain covers to be painted red. Manufacturer’s representative must be present at least 5 times per week during duration of project, with weekly progress reports sent to the City of Muskegon. Manufacturer to provide 30-year NDL warranty and installing contractor is to provide 2-year workmanship warranty.

Full PDF
Complete LC Walker Addendum Packet
City of Muskegon – LC Walker – Addendum 2.pdf
Updated Contractor Bid Form