If you suspect your mattress has bed bugs it’s a safe bet that the rest of your room may be infested as well. This quick guide will help you get rid of bed bugs without spending a fortune in treatment costs! Below is a picture of what bed bugs look like:


Just because you may have bugs does not mean you have to dispose of an infested mattress. You can effectively starve them by using an inexpensive dust-mite proof mattress cover that seals completely. These covers can be found at Walmart for as little as $12.

If you still plan to dispose of your mattress, they State of Michigan suggests you cut the mattress in such a way it can’t be reused and then wrap it in plastic. Label the mattress so that those looking at it up close will know it is unusable and if possible, that it may be infested – the label can be small enough so that it’s not embarrassing but large enough to let the disposal crew know of its condition.

Bed bugs travel, it’s how they got to your bed in the first place, and they travel faster than you think! They are also excellent at reproduction and can quickly infest a home within months. What they don’t like is Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth, a naturally occurring, soft, siliceous sedimentary rock that is easily crumbled into a fine white to off-white powder.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is Mother Nature’s form of a completely natural and safe way to kill bed bugs, dust mites, cockroaches, ant and fleas – DE absorbs lipids from the bedbug’s waxy shell causing them to become dehydrated and die. You can find DE at your local feed and supply store for under $10.

As with any bug treatment, multiple applications are required. You can win the war against bed bugs by staying on top of applications!