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Residential Monthly Billing Notice

Starting November 2009, the City of Muskegon will begin phasing in monthly water billing. The City expects to have all residential water accounts on a monthly billing cycle by early 2010.

Counterfeit 100 Bill Warning!

Muskegon Police issues warning about counterfeit 100 bill and offers this image to help promote awareness for Muskegon businesses.

Muskegon Salmon Fishing

When is the best time to fish for Salmon? It shouldn’t be for a few weeks yet, but the latest cold spell has them moving and as you can see from the pictures below, fishing has picked up. These pictures were taken only a few days ago.

Kite Surfing – Kiteboarding in Muskegon

Did you know that Muskegon is famous for its long, wide sandy beaches? In fact, our beach is the biggest in West Michigan and loved by kite Surfing enthusiasts throughout the world!