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Proposed Budget for New Fiscal Year Now Available (2010-2011)

Last November, Muskegon voters approved several amendments to the City Charter including one which authorized the City Commission to set the fiscal year by ordinance. Since the City Charter’s adoption in 1919, the fiscal year had been established as beginning January 1. The City Commission has now passed an ordinance setting a new fiscal year […]

City of Muskegon Water and Sewer e-Bill Form

City of Muskegon Michigan water and sewer customers can now sign up to receive their monthly bill in an electronic, paperless format. By agreeing to receive your monthly water & sewer bill this way, you can help save paper, printing and postage costs. What’s more, you will receive a $0.75 credit on your monthly bill […]

Muskegon is a Great Place to Retire

One of the best kept secrets about West Michigan is that it is among the most “retirement friendly” locales in the U.S. Low taxes and housing costs, excellent healthcare and transportation, and generally moderate living costs combine to make West Michigan a place where retirees living on fixed income pensions and social security can get […]

Proposed Personnel Code and Charter Amendment Brochure Available

One of the proposed City Charter amendments that will be on the November 3, 2009 ballot would eliminate the City of Muskegon’s current Civil Service system. If this amendment is approved by voters, a new personnel code will be adopted by City Commission action. Visitors who are interested in seeing the draft personnel code that […]

Lakeshore Redevelopment Plan

The fundamental purpose of this updated Downtown/Lakeshore Redevelopment Plan is to aid in advancing the redevelopment and improvement of the downtown and lakeshore areas