To: Honorable Mayor, City Commissioners and City Manager From: Department of Public Works

RE: 2020 Infrastructure Capital Program Update

I wanted to take a quick moment and provide an update regarding the state of our 2020 Infrastructure Capital Program as we are nearing the end of what has been a very busy construction season around the city. The year has provided many challenges for the teams working on these projects, but we have worked through all of them with what I feel to be great success. Just between these listed projects we have seen an infrastructure investment of over $16M with several other smaller projects and work at the Water Filtration Plant not listed.

Major/Local Streets

202-91725 (Lakeshore Drive @ Beach Street Roundabout) Contractor – McCormick Sand / Engineer – City Staff Construction Bid Cost – $285,493.00

Summary – Work on the project was substantially completed in the Spring with opening in mid-June, dune grass planting took place recently as the last remaining item of work. The work was completed without any major surprises and will close out at approximately $300K in cost. Operationally we observed very few issues during the summer and have received mostly overall positive feedback on the project.

202-91842 (Sheridan Drive & Olthoff Drive Pavement Reconstruction)
Contractor – Asphalt Paving, Inc. / Engineer – City Staff Construction Bid Cost – $738,820.00

Summary – Work on the project was completed in July/early August. The work was completed without any major issues and is closed out at a final cost of $687,910.51. The work was much less impactful to traffic than anticipated primarily due to the reduction in traffic at the prison. It was one time where COVID worked in our favor.

202/591-91917 (Beach Street; Wilcox to Simpson Reconstruction)
Contractor – Hallack Contracting / Engineer – DLZ

Construction Bid Cost – $2,069,219.09 (City Share = $979,884.28)

Summary – Work on the project commenced just prior to Labor Day with work outside the paved parking areas, and fully ramped up immediately after Labor Day. As of the last progress meeting the project remains on schedule for substantial completion in late November. They have completed installation of the 30” water main and are preparing to make all the connections on the water main. Once that is finished they will begin rebuilding the road.

202-92012 (Lakeshore Trail Erosion Repairs) Contractor – Jackson-Merkey / Engineer – City Staff Construction Bid Cost – $244,713.00
Summary – Work on the project is on hold pending receipt of the necessary permits from MDEGLE/USACE. Permits were submitted in June and we have been pressing for a response, but not received any attention yet. Our goal is to complete the shoreline stabilization portion of the work yet this fall, and complete the repaving in the spring however that will be dependent upon receipt of the necessary permits.


590-91850 (Bourdon & Addison Alley Sewer) & 590-91851 (Spring Street Trunk Sewer)
Contractor – Jackson-Merkey Contractors Engineer – ENG, Inc.

Construction Bid Cost – $3,075,529.30

Summary – Work commenced on this project in August with the crossings of Shoreline Drive. To date the project has completed the work in the Bourdon/Addison alley and along Pine near Western. They are currently working on Yuba Street and will begin work on Spring Street shortly. The project team has identified and implemented a number of improvements on the original design that have resulted in a better overall product and a reduced price. The project is on schedule for completion in late Fall of 2020 and does have the greatest potential of any of our projects to require some carry over work in the spring of 2021 to reach final completion.

590-91852 (9th Street Sewer Reroute) & 590-91853 (Getty Street Forcemain)
Contractor – Hallack Contracting Engineer – Fleis & VandenBrink Construction Bid Cost – $1,899,971.50

Summary – Work commenced on this project in the spring and was substantially completed in early August. The project was completed with only minor issues that were quickly resolved. The project is still in the process of final quantity calculations but is likely to finish slightly over the original bid amount, but well within the budgeted 6% contingency amount for the project. Work resulted in the reconstruction of 9th Street from Houston to Clay as well as upgrades to the alley sewer between Clay/Webster all the way west to behind the Hackley/Hume Houses.

590/591-91854 (Beidler Street Trunk Sewer) Contractor – Kamminga & Roodvoets Engineer – Prein & Newhof
Construction Bid Cost – $5,465,514.75

Summary – Work commenced on the largest of our sewer/water projects in February with the construction of a new lift station on Young Avenue near the Beidler Street Tot Lot and is still currently underway. Work is expected to complete near the end of the month. The project has remained on budget with very few surprises or changes. There will likely be adjusting needed as final quantities are calculated that will require commission approval of a change order >$30K though the changes will be well below the budgeted 6% contingency on the project. All told, this was the largest, most complex, and ambitious of our 2020 sewer projects. The work occurred largely on neighborhood streets and wasn’t as visible as some of the other projects though it’s completion represents a huge improvement to our system reliability by eliminating one of our worst condition and riskiest sewer lines. As a side benefit to the project we were able to reconstruct several streets on this project that were either in poor paved condition (Crowley) or gravel (Beidler & Puliski / south of Hackley) that will have benefits to our long term street maintenance budget beyond what the sewer improvements will provide.

590-591-91855 (Glenside Phase 1 / Westwood Street)
Contractor – Kamminga & Roodvoets Engineer – Prein & Newhof Construction Bid Cost – $1,245,042.00

Summary – Work commenced on this project immediately after the 4th of July and was completed just recently. The project was a pilot project intended to lead into further projects in the Glenside neighborhood. In Glenside, most of the municipal utilities are located in alleys that have been vacated and reclaimed by the neighbors. The water and sewer lines are within fences, under garages and largely inaccessible to us for repairs just as they are reaching their design life. This project placed new utilities in the street and did a lot of work on the private property side to flip the water and sewer to the street rather than the alley. All in all, the project was a success in our eyes as the method was proved, lessons were learned, and the overall budget will remain on track with no major changes. The neighbors, though obviously greatly concerned about the work ahead of time, have expressed their happiness with the project team and the outcome.

590/591-91856 (Peck & Sanford Phase 1 / Jefferson-Strong)
Engineer – Prein & Newhof Construction Bid Cost – $1,198,471.75

Summary – Work commenced on this project in late July and was completed last week. The project was the first of three phases that hope to make some major improvements to one of our oldest and most maintenance intensive sewer areas in the city. The work on this phase involved taking an active sewer out of service that ran underneath the First Congregational Church. In addition this project sets the stage for the next phase which is scheduled for construction in 2021 and includes new water and sewer on Peck Street from Apple to Laketon. The project was completed on schedule and will be slightly over budget due primarily to adding an extra block of resurfacing on 3rd Street to the project to make it continuous with the streetscape completed last year. Only minor issues were encountered and we expect the final cost to be well within the 6% budgeted contingency.

A last note regarding the 2020 water/sewer projects is that these are all the completion of various projects identified within the SAW grant programs and represent a huge step in tackling several pervasive issues in our sewer system. Furthermore, all of these projects were financed through the State of Michigan State Revolving Fund (SRF) and Drinking Water Revolving Fund (DWRF) that offered forgiveness on a portion of the loan. The funding year that includes these projects was particularly generous to the City of Muskegon and we expect to receive in the range of $8M in forgiveness on the loans that financed these projects, with the remainder of the costs bonded at 2% for 20 years. The proposed 2021 projects also represent fulfillment of projects identified through the SAW process and continued utilization of the SRF/DWRF financing mechanism.

We did not complete as much work out of our street budget as previous years in an efforts to offset the huge expenses those budgets endured during the previous years to pursue the two streetscape projects on Lakeshore and 3rd Street. Next year will see a return to increased spending in the street budgets and slightly lower outlays in the water/sewer funds. 2021 is shaping up to be overall slightly less intense than 2020, but will still see a wide variety of projects completed throughout the city, currently in the works we have the following projects:

  • Street Reconstruction of Michigan Street (Lakeshore to Hudson)
  • Street Reconstruction of Franklin Street (Western to Michigan)
  • Trail Construction of Musketawa/Laketon Trails Connector
  • Street & Utility Reconstruction of Peck Street (Apple to Laketon)
  • Street & Utility Reconstruction of Amity Avenue (Getty to Fork)
  • Lead Service Line Replacement (Approximately ~250 EA Targeted for FY21)
  • Roofing & Structural Repairs at the Water Filtration Plant
  • Roofing & Miscellaneous other repairs at the Harvey Street ReservoirWe are also continuing to learn more about the recent announcement of increased funding from the State for water/wastewater infrastructure. We will be well suited to capitalize on those programs when the details are finalized as the early indications are that much of the money will flow through the same SRF/DWRF type programs that we have been utilizing.

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